Some fans aren't happy with the "Mrs Robinson" vibe the "My First and Last" MV is giving off...
10 Feb 2017 - 10:07 AM  UPDATED 10 Feb 2017 - 10:11 AM

NCT Dream made their long awaited comeback just yesterday with their latest single "My First And Last", and while the MV has garnered well over 1 million views already, it has also courted a considerable about of criticism from netizens.

In a new comments thread regarding NCT Dream's "My First And Last" MV, many netizens are quite unhappy over the video's depiction of the female teacher and how each group member is in love with her. Criticisms range from the inappropriateness of this teacher-student story line to the over-sexualised depiction of the teacher herself:

  • "Sexualizing the female teacher was highly discomforting to watch"
  • "I'm a fan and I'm also finding it unpleasant. We asked SM to change it to a performance version... The director is crazy. Why did he make the MV like this.."

Having said that, there are some netizens who have no issues with the MV:

  • "People are exaggerating too much"
  • "A lot of teachers dress like that"
  • "The outfits not provocative. The model just has a good body."

Here is NCT Dream's MV in question - what do you think about these responses to the video?

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