They might never happen in real life but we can always dream, right?
13 Feb 2017 - 2:16 PM  UPDATED 13 Feb 2017 - 2:16 PM

One of the main reasons K-Dramas are so good is because of their heart-meltingly romantic (and sometimes unique) love stories.

From swapping bodies, to a classic college romance between two childhood friends, K-Dramas offer all the loved-up scenarios. While some of the love stories could realistically happen (though the probability is low), others really just...wouldn't.

Here's seven K-Drama romances that we wish would happen to us.  

1. Being born as the Goblin’s Bride

If we were to ignore the unpleasantries of being the Goblin’s Bride (like always being in life-threatening situations and having a horrible home and school life), along with disregarding how this love story ended - and the whole pulling out the sword issue - being the Goblin’s Bride would be pretty grand.

Why? You can summon an utterly handsome and sometimes dorky immortal goblin who has hectic powers and can transport you anywhere by going through a door (think of the amazing date nights to be had)! Plus this goblin would woo you with his sophisticated literature taste and recite beautiful poetry when thinking of you.

Alas, goblins are just a myth and even if they were real it’s hard to tell whether they’d all be as beautiful as Gong Yoo.

2. Falling in love with the Kang Chul

Granted the circumstances of your first meeting with the handsome Kang Chul aren’t ideal (in fact, borderline traumatic), the romance and love that blossoms would be more than enough to make up for it. Dates with your man would vary widely, ranging from shopping together to cute jail visits and even saving each other after being shot (just to spice things up). Not to mention the fact that Kang Chul can go from honey-sweet romance and sweet tender kisses, to ‘I prefer the provocative 19+ rated concept’ in the space of a second.

It’s probably for the good of our own health that alternate manhwa worlds where perfect guys who are ‘tall, handsome and smart’ at the same time don’t exist (but if they do, could someone let me know how to get there? Or just how I can meet these ‘tall, handsome and smart’ guys)?

3. Falling for the alien next door and teaching him how to *love*

It would be anyone’s dream come true to find out they live next door to a super attractive guy who is as mysterious as he is good-looking. It would be even better if you found out that this mysterious neighbour has superhuman powers and has had such little romantic experience with humans that you can make him flustered over the smallest things.

The two of you would bond and fall in love after he saves you from the various life-threatening situations you get put in (no biggie). You manage to melt his heart so much that he ends up wanting to stay on Earth, though I shan’t comment on the resolution to that issue.

A requirement for this love narrative though is having to be an absolutely gorgeous Jun Ji-Hyun looking actress who is sometimes slightly obnoxious and delusional, with family problems and an antagonist who probably wants to kill you. Also, aliens who still look like humans would have to be real and as of yet they don’t appear to exist. Maybe one day.

4. Becoming a palace eunuch during the Joseon Dynasty and falling for the Crown Prince

Part of Love in the Moonlight’s romance plot appeal is how utterly charming and attractive Crown Prince Lee Young is. He goes from goofy and love-struck, to the charismatic and idealistic future leader of the nation in the space of a second, all while looking heart-destroyingly handsome.

The romance in this drama features playful teasing, beautifully worded expressions of love and a bit of angst, mixed with nefarious political scheming and a dash of painful unrequited loving from the second leads. Let’s not forget things like the Prince stopping to sit down and ‘read his book’ so he could hold hands with you from behind a big umbrella, or masterminding a plot to save you whilst also taking down a corrupt Chinese official.

Would the guys still look like Park Bo Gum and B1A4’s Jinyoung in real-life Joseon Era Korea though? Because if so, rest in peace poor hearts.

5. Working as a doctor and meeting an attractive and mysterious soldier

An intelligent, assertive and independent female lead who is beautiful, gracious and a doctor? Hell yes!

Couple the above with an equally assertive male lead with a strong sense of honour and duty, who is flirty (and sometimes very suggestive) with a shirtless exercise scene in the first couple of episodes and you've got a drama I'd sell my soul to be part of (Descendants of the Sun). The fact that the two leads realise they like each other almost instantly makes their future interactions so much more interesting – think getting out of a minefield, kissing in the back of a truck after totalling your vehicle, falling off a cliff into the ocean whilst stuck in a truck, kind of dates. Because everyone needs a bit of excitement in their life, right?

What are the chances this could happen in real life though? Better than some of the other items on this list, so I guess we all better start studying to become doctors.

6. An arranged marriage with the Crown Prince of Korea

It’s crazy to think that this drama is over ten years old now. Nonetheless, Goong: Princess Hours'  narrative, about ending up in an arranged marriage with the Crown Prince due to your grandpa’s Will is quite dreamy. Kudos to grandpa for being friends with the King and making this kind of situation a reality. It’s a typical cool-guy-who-isn’t-interested-in-you-but-falls-for-you-anyway love story. A view into what a modern Korean monarchy might look like adds an extra layer of dramatic tension. There’s plenty of cute moments between the two main leads, such as teaching the Prince how to live like a commoner, which would make this drama love story an absolute hoot to experience, especially if you also factor in the hilarious attempts of the Dowager Queen to get you two to like each other more.

7. Becoming the cleaning lady for your favourite idol group and finding out one is a childhood friend 

Though this is technically a web series and isn’t as long as a standard K-Drama (that’s right, no one-hour long episodes!), it still deserves a mention because who honestly wouldn’t enjoy the idea of having youir favourite idols living within a one-hundred metre radius?

Four exceptionally attractive guys moving in next door would already be a lot to deal with – just getting a glimpse of them every day would be enough to make you swoon. Getting to interact with them, where they give you a healthy dose of teasing and also maybe stand up for you in front of your old high school crush, would most likely push your heart to the limits. Add in a semi-love triangle (semi because you’re too oblivious to really notice it) between your childhood sweetheart and one of the other idols who thinks you’re really cute when your face becomes super red, and you’re pretty much dead.

These K-Drama romances only scratch the surface of all the beautiful love plots out there. Go forth, explore and watch 'til your heart’s content.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dramaholics!

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