Can't decide which is funnier, Song Ji Hyo as T.O.P or Lee Kwangsoo as Sana!
13 Feb 2017 - 11:20 AM  UPDATED 13 Feb 2017 - 11:20 AM

The "Running Man" cast recently held one of their awesome fan-meets in Taiwan and while many shenanigans were had at the event, the crowd got a huge treat when the cast decided to dress up as BIGBANG for a performance of "Fantastic Baby"!

With Haha as G-Dragon (complete with the crazy hair), Lee Kwangsoo as SeungriKim Jongkook as TaeyangJi Suk Jin as Daesung, and - in the best impression ever - Song Ji Hyo as T.O.P, the cast threw themselves into their showcase of "Fantastic Baby" to  the delight of everyone present.

Check out the "Running Man" cast's brilliantly hilarious performance of "Fantastic Baby" as BIGBANG right here:

It wasn't all just BIGBANG as the cast later swapped out the crazy outfits in favour of some TWICE cheerleader outfits for a performance of "Cheer Up", something that Kwangsoo and Suk Jin really relished doing!

Words can't quite describe the sight of seeing Kwangsoo dressed as Sana or Suk Jin dressed as Tzuyu so we'll just leave the video of their performance right here:

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