A Melbourne-centric "Wild Beat" results in a stark improvement on the premiere episode.
14 Feb 2017 - 2:02 PM  UPDATED 14 Feb 2017 - 2:02 PM

Following last week's uneven premiere of 2PM's latest variety/reality program "Wild Beat", the big question was whether the second episode can steady the ship. Thankfully, this week's episode sheds all the unnecessary filler that plagued the premiere while focusing on the most entertaining aspect of the show, which is seeing 2PM being fish out of water in a foreign country.

Picking up immediately from last week's cliffhanger, we finally see why everyone was stunned at their Melbourne Central YHA hostel room - it was tiny and could barely fit everyone inside. The varying reactions to the room and the early morning after lead to some hilarious moments, such as Taecyeon suddenly "becoming very modest", Wooyoung talking about having flashbacks to his tough trainee days (and cleaning up after everyone), and Chansung gritting his teeth at being filmed early in the morning without make-up.

After leaving the hostel, the members were given their task for the day (after being forced to find the producers first) - find employment and earn some spending cash. Armed with the resumes that were written up last week, 2PM head into the Melbourne CBD to find three hours worth of employment. Despite being told by a kind cafe owner that finding work is easy in Australia, no one - unsurprisngly - were willing to hire any of the 2PM members for only a few hours despite their pop star status.

Of course, desperate times call for desperate measures and upon stumbling upon a Thai Restaurant, the group unanimously decided to use Nichkhun's Thai background to secure some work. Luckily for the group, the restaurant's owner immediately recognised who they were and offered three members jobs.

After some negotiating, Nichkhun was tasked as a waiter due to his proficiency in multiple languages, Junho was tasked as a chef because he didn't know what position he was volunteering for, and Chansung was giving the dishwashing position because he doesn't need to know English to clean dishes. What follows next is something out of a sitcom.

While half of 2PM were working hard (and quickly developing an appreciation and respect for all working backpackers), the other half were free to live it up for the day. Since Wooyoung was deemed "King" for the day, he wandered around the city spending the group's money food and music. As for Taecyeon and Jun.K, they were given "allowances" from the King and were also free to roam around, but not before they sampled some of Junho's hard-earned lunch (which he didn't end up finishing).

At the end of 2PM's three hour employment stint at the restaurant, Nichkhun, Chansung, and Junho were paid a whopping $70 each, which would have been fantastic had Wooyoung, Taecyeon, and Jun.K not spent $280 on various random things. Needless to say, this sets up some future conflict between the members, which should hopefully result in some hilarious antics.

By focusing on 2PM's shenanigans in Melbourne rather than making them do staged games, this episode was an entertaining ride throughout. If the Nichkhun, Chansung, and Junho's struggles at the restaurant were the tip of what 2PM got up to during their Australian trip, then the remaining episodes will be nothing short of enjoyable.

Stray Observations
  • It must've taken quite a bit of organising to get all those cameras in that Thai restaurant.
  • From abusing his "King" power to his foray into the vinyl store, Wooyoung is once again the episode's MVP but Taecyeon comes in at a close second with his aloofness and laidback attitude.
  • "A tram is a tram. There's nothing special. It's just a subway train that's above ground". Don't say that out loud around Melbourne, Taecyeon. 

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