BP RaNia’s Alex's cryptic Unpretty Rapstar photo got our thinking caps on...
16 Feb 2017 - 1:57 PM  UPDATED 16 Feb 2017 - 1:57 PM

BP RaNia’s Alex Reid sent fans into a frenzy earlier this week when she dropped a couple of hints on social media that she might be joining a fourth season of Unpretty Rapstar.

While another season of the hit hip-hop competition has yet to be confirmed, Alex’s cryptic clues got us thinking about female idols we’d love to see grace the show (alongside Alex of course).

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

Unpretty Rapstar usually has a big name or two for ratings, and who better than Moonbyul to fill that spot for season four? MAMAMOO is currently one of K-pop’s top girl groups, and with members Solar and Hwasa already finding individual popularity, it’s time for Moonbyul to shine. And if she isn’t up for it, then there’s no reason that Hwasa couldn’t take her place.


Even when SECRET was one of K-pop’s biggest girl groups, Jung Hana was constantly overlooked. Many K-pop fans are totally unaware that Hana is both a great rapper and an accomplished songwriter who has penned many of her own rap verses in SECRET’s songs. After years of being in Hyosung and Jieun’s shadows, Unpretty Rapstar could finally give Hana the spotlight that she deserves.

Hello Venus’ Lime

Unpretty Rapstar has proven to be a magic fast track to fame for talented rappers from struggling, underrated girl groups. Just look at FIESTAR’s Yezi and Wa$$up’s Nada. Lime is the next logical candidate, especially now that Hello Venus seems to be nearing their end. The 23-year-old has skills to back up her good looks, having been active on the underground rap scene before debuting as an idol. She failed an audition to make it onto Show Me The Money 4, but something tells me she’d absolutely kill it over on Unpretty Rapstar.  


While Ailee is best known for her powerful vocals, the diva has been quietly dabbling in rapping for years now. She’s already shown off her hip-hop skills in collaborations with 2BiC and Gaeko, and has rapped live in concert. After Jessi, Gilme, and SISTAR’s Hyorin, Ailee is the perfect choice to become next season’s obligatory singer-rapper.

Ryu Hwayoung

Before things went nuclear with T-ara, former member Hwayoung showcased some serious potential as a rapper with verses in hits like “Day By Day” and “We Were In Love”. After being booted from the girl group for bad behaviour, Hwayoung briefly considered a solo career as a rapper and was even rumoured to be practicing her skills with Block B’s Zico. Every season of Unpretty Rapstar needs a token villain, and considering the recent news that Hwayoung and her twin sister Hyoyoung were the bad guys in the whole T-ara debacle, the controversial star would be perfect to fill the role.

CLC’s Yeeun

A struggling CLC have already had members appear on Real Men, Girl Spirit, and Produce 101 in a bid to get the group popular. Why not add another show to the list? Despite her young age, Yeeun has showcased her talents both on stage with CLC and solo with a few Yoon Mi Rae covers. Most recently, the 18-year-old showed her versatility by perfectly emulating label mate HyunA’s unique, helium-tinged flow for her group’s “Hobgoblin” comeback.

PRISTIN’s Kang Yebin

Pledis Entertainment’s PRISTIN haven’t even debuted yet, but Unpretty Rapstar doesn’t discriminate when it comes to trainees and rookies. The show has already had Cube’s Jeon Soyeon and YG’s Moon Sua, and Starship’s Exy went on to debut in Cosmic Girls shortly after her successful stint on season two. Kang Yebin (a.k.a. Rena) has already revealed herself to be a talented rapper with appearances on Show Me The Money and Produce 101, and some extra promotion for PRISTIN certainly couldn’t hurt.

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