He'll always put a smile on your face!
18 Feb 2017 - 8:00 AM  UPDATED 18 Feb 2017 - 8:00 AM

Today is a special day celebrating the birthday of BTS' mood-maker, J-HOOOOOOPE! He's turning 23 (24 in Korean age) so here are 23 reasons why we love him...

1. He's a radiant ball of sunshine.

Look at him putting those beautiful smiles on BTS and instantly cheering them up! 

2. He will infect you with his contagious laughter that sounds like trains running on a track. 

(also a subtle reference to "Spring Day", tee-hee)

3. He's a total prankster. He once trolled Jimin with a fake cockroach.

4. He wants to inspire people and give them strength.

Hence his favourite saying is, "I'm your hope".  Awww.

5. He amazes with his incredible dance skills.

He has his own segment Hope on The Street where he lets fans view his dance practices and dance jams! Even if he's tired with his face in a '^' shape, he can't stop his body grooving to the music!

6. He likes to teach dance choreography with random noises.

Not counts or lyrics, J-Hope just uses random sounds like 'pam pam pam' to teach choreography. Being BTS' dance captain, he assists with creating the group's choreography and helps the members perfect their dance moves.

7. He's great at freestyle dancing.

We could use these moves at the club!

8. He can be low-key savage to his hyungs. 

Or maybe not so low-key after all.

Only he can get away with throwing shade at Suga. (Maybe inspo for Cypher pt.5?)

9. He's awesome at beatboxing.

10. He has great fan-service and even lets fans touch his dimples!

11. He collects cool figurines. Check out his Bearbrick collection.

12. He oozes endless aegyo.

He even has to give Jungkook lessons sometimes - being the aegyo-master he is.

13. He has the cutest nicknames. eg. Hobi and J-horse

14. He is the sweetest brother and son, and tries his best to hang out with his family whenever he can.   

15. He's secretly a girl group member.

As soon as Sistar's 'Touch My Body' comes on, there's no stopping him...

He knows how to werk his booty.


16. He's playful and likes to play 'Where's J-Hope?' Peekaboo!

17. He gets scared easily.

He becomes' J-Nope' when there's anything to do with snakes, spiders, horror movies or anything scary. Not sure how long he'd survive in the Australian outback.

18. He has the most endearing English.

19. He admires and loves BIGBANG as much as we do.

20. He wants to protect nature. So precious. 

21. He's got abs and is proud of it.

22. He's a great action man as we saw first-hand at SBS HQ!

23. He knows what it's like to be an A.R.M.Y fan. 

BTS are kicking off the first show of their 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour in Seoul tonight so...

We can't wait for their tour Down Under in May!

Happy Birthday to our beloved hyper-active energy bunny, J-Hope!!


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