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Eat Your Kimchi have a bone to pick with fake news and how it is replacing proper journalism.
22 Feb 2017 - 2:12 PM  UPDATED 22 Feb 2017 - 5:02 PM

The last few years have seen the online landscape slowly shifting from well-researched news stories towards more inaccurate click bait content, something that Eat Your Kimchi duo Simon and Martina have an issue with.

Following recent news stories about Fukushima nuclear plant radiation levels being at the highest levels ever, Simon and Martina did some digging and discovered that the reports were not strictly accurate. In actuality, the radiation levels in the area had not been measured before and it is only now that it's been possible to record measurements, which were expected to be high. What was most distressing about this whole debacle is that respected news outlets reported the inaccurate story, something that Simon believes is representative of how outlets have slowly dropped credibility and accountability in favour of expediency and clicks.

The declining quality of journalism has affected various people in negative ways, such as the recent PewDiePie anti-Semitic controversy which stemmed from an out-of-context article about the YouTube star's videos. In fact, Simon and Martina have experienced this poor reporting firsthand in which their simple review video about a charcoal face mask somehow got spun into "Simon and Martina wear blackface".

The moral of this story - always look for numerous sources to back up what you've been reading and don't take every story at face value.

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