We're already missing "Hwarang" from our TV screens...
22 Feb 2017 - 12:27 PM  UPDATED 22 Feb 2017 - 12:27 PM

We're still in withdrawals following the "Hwarang" finale aired on February 21, but it appears the cast are taking the end of the show a lot better than we are!

After the airing of the "Hwarang" finale, the cast all posted up a group photo of everyone, along with a series of lovely thank you messages to all their fans.

Park Hyung Sik posted up the photo, along with the short and sweet caption "Thank you... And I love you!" 

He then followed it up with a photo of himself on set saying goodbye to his character, along with the heartfelt caption “More than anything, I’m happy to have been able to meet such great people. I sincerely thank all those who have been watching ‘Hwarang’ all this time, and those who have supported Sammaekjong while crying and laughing together with him. I love you.”

BTSshared the photo on the group's official Twitter account, writing “I was so grateful to be able to film with such great people. I want to show this off to ARMY!!!”

Jo Yoon Woo posted up the photo on his Instagram, along with the sweet caption "Hwarang, thank you for everything. It's really goodbye."

Do Ji Han shared the picture on his Instagram and also wrote a lovely caption thanking everyone for their love and support before ending on a super sweet "I love you all so, so much."

And finally, Kim Hyun Jun shared a photo of himself as his character before saying goodbye with the heartfelt caption “I was glad to be able to live as Danse for ten weeks. Farewell, Danse.”

Thank you to the "Hwarang" cast for giving us such a great show, and we're looking forward to whatever you all do next!

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