He scored more points that he was expecting to!
Michelle Chen

23 Feb 2017 - 2:29 PM  UPDATED 23 Feb 2017 - 3:04 PM

Former EXO member Kris Wu, and Chinese actor Jiang jinfu played in New Orleans 2017 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game last weekend. Kris was on Jemele Hill’s East Team and scored three points. Jiang took two points and four rebounds for the West Team, who won the game 88-59. 

The post on Kris’s Weibo says, he loves to play basketball and his target for the game was 2 scores, so 3 scores was a surprise for him.

The NBA celebrity game features renowned actors, singers, retired basketball players and other celebrities. This was also the second time for Kris at the NBA Celebrity Game after playing in Canada last year. Other big name celebrities were Arcade Fire's Win ButlerNick Cannon, and Ansel Elgort all in Jemele Hill’s East Team

Check out the player Introductions:


After the game, Kris went to London to attend the London Fashion Show. 

Luhan's new videos

Luhan has released his new Concept Propaganda film Opposite Direction and first single MV teaser for “What If I said.

Let’s start the music adventure with Luhan! After a two-year wait, Luhan's new digital mini album "Venture" (Opposite Direction) was to be released on February 21. 

His last album “Reloaded,” which was released in 201,5 broke the record - at the time - by over one million sales in five days. Hopefully his new album “Venture” will do something similar.

After exploring unlimited “X” in the past, the whole new “V” concept will break the rules and explore more possibilities in Luhan’s music. The album is another collaboration with the international team Santell and Picard Brothers.  

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