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Peter and Sky have some tips for all you budding K-pop trainees!
24 Feb 2017 - 2:08 PM  UPDATED 24 Feb 2017 - 2:14 PM

Time to get excited K-pop fans because One Way's Peter Hyun and Sky have a brand new show on SBS PopAsia - say hello to the "One Way to be a K-pop Star" podcast!

As their new podcast focuses on the ins-and-outs of the K-pop industry, Peter and Sky kick things off in their very first episode by talking about the very first step in becoming a K-pop star - how to become a K-pop trainee.

  • Before even thinking about auditions and companies, Sky and Peter emphasise that all budding K-pop stars need to start practicing and taking music more seriously. What this means is learning to dance, learning about the various genres of music, taking vocal lessons, and even learning how to play an instrument in order to really get ready.
  • When it comes time for auditions, always give it your all even if you don't make it through. First impressions matter and people will remember you, so better to leave people with a good image of you after an audition rather than a poor one! 
  • Joining a company is the most popular path to becoming a K-pop trainee, but it is important to know which company will suit you the best and vice versa. From YG and SM to Cube and FNC, each company has a very specific sound and look. Do some research in order to know what each company is looking for musically and stylistically, and whether you fit that style. There are two ways to join a company - public auditions or getting scouted by company recruiters.
  • Outside of an entertainment company, budding trainees can enroll in dancing or singing academies on order to prepare as a future K-pop star. The advantage of academies is that there is greater freedom to study and train in aspects that you really want, which contrasts to the "learn everything" approach some companies take.
  • Emulating your favourite artists is great during the training period as it helps you hone your skills and sound, but use this as a way to discover your own unique image as opposed to using it as a crutch.
  • Should you get into a company as a trainee, be prepared to train for a number of years before even making your big debut. New trainees generally sign 2-3 contracts; one to two for a multi-year trainee period and one multi-year contract for when you finally debut as an artist. The company can also terminate your contracts anytime they want, so be sure to work hard!
  • Between the dance, singing, and acting lessons, companies usually have monthly assessments in order to track a trainee's progress. Moral of the story - always work hard!

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