It's definitely better than "The Artist Formerly Known As BEAST"!
27 Feb 2017 - 11:44 AM  UPDATED 27 Feb 2017 - 11:47 AM

Following reports that BEAST had left Cube Entertainment to start their own agency, the boys will now be promoting under a new name - say hi to Highlight!

Named after their last album under Cube, the new name represents a new start for the group and the boys are hoping this will be the first of many "highlights" to come.

After announcing their new name change, each Highlight member posted up heartfelt messages on Instagram to thank their fans for all the support over the past year and to look forward to the future.

Dongwoon changed his Instagram handle to @highlight_dw and posted up a group image of Highlight, along with the caption “BEAST BEAST BEAST is a beyond painful name. There will be lots of people who say we changed our name too easily, or that they can’t get used to it, but we really tried hard. This hurts us more than anybody else, but we’re grateful. It will be painful to get used to the new name, but we can only pray that we all get used to it soon. Please support Highlight.”

Gikwang posted up a plain black photo, along with the encouraging caption “The name that we have carried for so long, ‘BEAST.’ It was a name that stuck by us through it all and made us happy but it’s time to let it go. We’re now in a position where we can start fresh with ‘Highlight.’ Right now lots of people are probably feeling strange and unfamiliar with the new name, but we ask for your love and support. We’ll work hard. Watch over us.”

Doojoon posted up a photo of a shooting star and wrote the caption “It’s been a while since I used the word ‘BEAST’ on here. This name has given us lots of memories and we worked hard to try and keep it, but this is goodbye. Now we are starting again with ‘Highlight!!’ It will take a long time to get used to, right? But the members and our fans will always have the memories we’ve built up over the years, so let’s greet each other with a smile… We ask for your love and support!! Fighting!!”

Yoseob posted up a cute photo of five Mickey Mouse figurines, along with the caption “The love we received with the name BEAST… I will treasure the bright honors and the precious memories in my heart and start anew together with everyone with the name Highlight. I believe that everyone’s love and support will be a great strength to the new group ‘highlight.’ With love and respect, Yoseob.” Yang Yoseob also changed his Instagram bio to read, “H I G H L I G H T.”

And lastly, Junhyung posted up a screenshot of the most popular live Naver search results, which featured Highlight at the very top, along with the caption “The rookie group #HIGHLIGHT will keep working hard.” He also changed his Instagram bio to read “H I 5 H L I 5 H T.”

As for what is coming next, new reports state that Highlight are currently preparing for a comeback (debut?) as soon as possible, but no definitive time frame has been decided just yet.

Are you excited about Highlight's upcoming "debut"?


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