"3. Smashing the idea that women are weak."
28 Feb 2017 - 10:59 AM  UPDATED 28 Feb 2017 - 11:45 AM

With an interesting mix of comedy, banter, crime and two handsome male leads, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has stolen a piece of my heart already.

Admittedly, I was initially drawn to this drama by the prospect of seeing Park Hyungsik and Jisoo onscreen together. However, Park Bo-young’s character; Bong Soon is a force to be reckoned with and will capture your heart instantly.

Here’s some reasons why you should be watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon:

1. Do Bong-Soon shows you can be strong, cutesy and into computer games

Bless the writer who created Do Bong-Soon and hail Park Bo-young for being a literal angel, breathing life into this beautiful character. The titular character of this drama is a joy to watch – she’s a little quirky, doesn’t take any flak from anyone and is an absolute cutie.

It’s a first for me - to see a female lead in a K-Drama who is into graphic design and gaming, and another first seeing a female lead with superhero worthy strength. Put the two together and my mind is suitably blown. How could anyone not adore her?

2. Bong-Soon's super strength

Not only does Do Bong-Soon have super-power strength, she’s strong because it’s a trait that only gets passed on to the women in her family.

The comic book explanation of Bong-Soon’s family history is highly entertaining, and the introduction of a ‘curse’ that makes this super strength conditional plays an interesting role in how Bong-Soon has been able to use her powers. 

3. Smashing the idea that women are weak 

Ok sure, Bong-Soon is kind of a special case - with her super powers and all - but there’s something so incredibly satisfying about seeing the guys who scoff at her because she’s “just a woman” getting beaten by that woman. Also, I couldn’t help but cackle when Jisoo’s character Gook Doo described Bong-Soon as being, "a weak girl” because oh boy did he get that wrong. 

4. The roles have been flipped

Having a female lead who isn't constantly in need of being saved is a breath of fresh air. The first proper conversation Bong-Soon has with Min Hyuk is disapproving. While most people would be insulted by that, what does Min Hyuk do? 

And how could we forget things like Min Hyuk’s love of shopping, and Bong-Soon’s job as a bodyguard which is stereotypically a male profession?

This is probably one of the first dramas to have the male lead use, "I’m scared" as an excuse to get the two lead characters to stay in the same house together. 

5. So much eating, and the food is glorious

I swear that Min Hyuk bought, or made, food for Bong-Soon four times already, in the span of just two episodes. From jajangmyeon to almond pies, from ice creams to ramyun, this drama is shaping up to be a massive food cravings fest.

There’s a pretty good representation of food on this drama, with Min Hyuk telling her not to diet! #goals

6. Super strength aside, Do Bong-Soon is just like us

What makes Bong-Soon so love-able is that she gets our (the audience's) struggles with love and crushes. Sure, the drama may have added special effects to heighten comedic effect, but at the heart of it she is just like us. We too feel like a halo of light surrounds Jisoo, and we too probably feel love hearts bubbling around us when we look at pretty people like him.

Even if Jisoo isn’t your thing, this is probably still relatable: 

The only thing missing on Bong-Soon’s part now is the love hearts and slow-motion shots of Park Hyungsik’s character. They’ll come one day.

Honourable mentions:

Jisoo dressed up as a lady

And Bong-Soon, the extremely eloquent Master of Words

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