After a bright and bubbly debut, VICTON go dark.
6 Mar 2017 - 3:13 PM  UPDATED 6 Mar 2017 - 3:13 PM

VICTON only debuted late last year, but they’re already receiving a lot of attention for a rookie group. They’re the first boy band from A Pink’s agency Plan A Entertainment, and leader Seungwoo is the older brother of former SECRET songstress Han Sunhwa, who is arguably one of the bigger stars to come out of the last generation of idols.

The group’s fantastic first single, “I’m Fine”, basically followed the formula of a male A Pink; a cute concept and retro-tinged pop, with some light rapping to keep up with current boy band trends. It was a perfect fit, so it’s a surprise to see VICTON do a complete 180 for their second single, “EYEZ EYEZ”.

Produced by up-and-coming duo BEOMxNANG, “EYEZ EYEZ” is a jagged synth-pop track that sounds a lot like early VIXX. The mix of arcade synths and glitchy electronica really stand out compared to the boy band music of late, which is all cookie cutter EDM-infused hip-hop with the exception of a few groups here and there.

“EYEZ EYEZ” is already one of the better singles of 2017, but I wonder if it’s the right song for VICTON at this point. “I’m Fine” positioned the boys as a male A Pink, matching with the style and sound fans expect from Plan A Entertainment. I didn’t expect VICTON to keep the cute image forever, but a dark turn seems a bit premature - at least wait until the third or fourth single for that.

Other than that small gripe, it’s a great comeback. I’m officially filing VICTON next to MASC as one of the most underrated new boy bands in K-pop right now.

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