10 Mar 2017 - 11:02 AM  UPDATED 10 Mar 2017 - 11:02 AM

Superstar Ailee will be heading to Australia in less than two weeks! She recently dropped a music video for her new track, 'Reminiscing,' which is an emotional ballad about memories from an old love.

To celebrate Ailee's musical comeback and second Australia visit, we've got 12 reasons why you should stan her: 

1. She's got impressive vocals.

She won first place on the MBC Chuseok special episode of Singer and Trainee with her powerful rendition of Beyonce's Halo.  

2. She's a total pro and doesn't stop singing even if the music stops.

3. She can speak fluent English.

4. She did an epic mannequin challenge in the middle of a song at one of her concerts.

5. Ailee started singing on YouTube, under the usernames mzamyx3 (her real name is Amy Lee) and aileemusic.

6. Speaking of YouTube, she sometimes watches fan reactions to her videos.

The singer even sent YouTuber Jremkl an intro to use in one of his videos.

7. Her love of dogs.

She has an adorable Pomeranian called Somi (Cotton), who can dance to her song, 'Heaven.'


8. She loves to eat meat.

Her favourite food is Korean BBQ. She once said in an interview that the reason her voice is so powerful is because of meat (and also the reason why her wallet gets drained ha!).  I wonder if she'll try grilling some Aussie meat on the barbie when she comes here later this month.

9. She's been to Australia before, performing in Perth in 2013 for the 2K13 Feel Korea concert.

10. Her beautiful OST song for popular drama 'Goblin' called "I Will Go to You Like The First Snow".

The track was a major hit, landing an all-kill on Korean music charts immediately after release. 

11. She's bubbly and down to earth but can be a total prankster.

She got up to some crazy antics with f(x)'s Amber during their travel reality show, 'One Fine Day.'  

12. She once made BTS' Rap Monster do aegyo for fans before going up on stage at KCON.


We totally agree with you there, Rap Monster. Can't wait to party with Ailee in Melbourne on March 24! More deets are here!


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