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Netizens discuss all those K-pop teasers that didn't quite match the actual comeback - what are yours, PopAsians?
9 Mar 2017 - 1:51 PM  UPDATED 9 Mar 2017 - 1:53 PM

It goes without saying that teaser images and videos generally do a great job of building up hype to a K-pop group's comeback, especially when the final product meets expectations. But what about those times when the teasers haven't quite matched the actual comeback?

Over at Reddit, a discussion was kicked off about this topic and many fans and netizens offered up some pretty convincing cases of "teasers not matching the actual comeback", ranging from EXO and BIGBANG to TWICE and AOA.

Here are some of the comments from fans and netizens:

  • EXO's Pathcode teasers :')
    On the topic of Exo, The Lucky One Teaser Pics were way different from the actual MV. I expected a pastel colour explosion.

  • Gotta be the umbrellas in AOA's Bing Bing. I was so hyped for an umbrella themed choreo.
  • Hyuna's trailer for her album:

vs. the actual album

  • Seventeen's Boys Be teasers. I loved the overall (and slightly creepy) mood they gave off? Stand By Me/The Blair Witch Project vibes, like a coming of age theme or summer camp gone wrong set in the 90's
  • Got7's Fly MV, tho pretty to look at, is in comparison to the intriguing and dare I say emotional Departure Trailer rather disappointing. People were hoping the MV would move the trilogy's storyline forward but it didn't really contribute anything of relevance. Really hoping JYP are upping their game this comeback.
  • Twices TT teasers where they were all failing at household activities, would make for a hilarious MV
  • I was so hyped for Tarantino Big Bang.

  • This Super Junior Mr. Simple teaser. It showcased this dramatic artsy concept and then the mv was just dancing in a box. Also the song was nothing like the teasers.

  • f(x)'s La Cha Ta debut teaser. I love this version, and really wish they had gone with this sound/style for their actual debut.

Which teasers didn't match the actual comeback for you, PopAsians?


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