Taeyeon further cements her spot as one of Korea's top vocalists with 'My Voice.'
9 Mar 2017 - 12:36 PM  UPDATED 9 Mar 2017 - 12:36 PM

Since debuting as a soloist in October 2015, Taeyeon has released high quality singles such as 'I', 'Rain', '11:11' and 'Why.' The tracks on her first full-length album 'My Voice' are no exception. They showcase her vocal ability with a playfulness, passion, intensity and sincerity that you know she has poured her heart into. It solidly super-glues her spot as one of Korea's top female soloists.

Here's my picks for the top 7 songs:

1. Fine

"Fine" is the album's title track utilising a new alternative pop sound. The strength and power of Taeyeon's vocals in the chorus make it feel empowering every time she sings "It's not fine." I love the scene, in the music video, where she stops filming and takes a moment to just breathe and collect herself. Since life is so full of ups-and-downs, this was a great title track pick.


2. Feel So Fine

Similar to 'Fine', "Feel so Fine" starts off subdued but picks up pace as the song evolves. With Taeyeon's self-harmonising melody, it's like a feeling of recovery. The up from the down, and moving on. Love the English lyrics mixed in too; "I don't care/ I can let it go/ Just realise I feel so fine". Positive vibes.

3. I Got Love

A sensual mid-tempo dance track that utilises the sultry seductiveness of Taeyeon's voice. Despite the undertones of danger warnings in the instrumental beats, her voice draws us in, luring us into her dangerous trap. Feelings of temptation that you can't escape is further emphasised with the visuals in the music video.


4. Time Lapse

An interesting song. It starts off soft, with Taeyeon's gentle yet clear vocals accompanied by a relaxed guitar strum. It sounds slightly Taylor Swift-esque. The pace quickens and builds-up with added layering of different instrumentals until it all gets a bit chaotic. The climax hits when the instrumental stops entirely and all you hear is her voice singing with heartbreaking emotion, "Erasing it all (the happy memories)." That break! I got chills. *clutches heart with feels*

5. Sweet Love

A cute, pure, innocence-filled pop song that is ear candy. It sticks to a bit of the formulaic SM sound but when she sings those high notes in, "I'll take you high, take you higher so we can fly", you're reminded of your first love, like you're floating on clouds from happiness and jittery new emotions. It's a pretty song that just makes you want to smile.

6. Fire

A catchy guitar ballad with an addictive beat. Loving her improvisation, and her sound when she just lets it go. I could see this as a drama or movie OST. 

7. Eraser

A jazzy, pop rock-inspired track in the vein of Taetiseo's 'Adrenaline' with the prominent use of claps. It's upbeat, you can jump and jive to it, and the echoes are used to great effect. I could see Taeyeon performing this with a live band. Taeyeon's rapping is also an unexpected surprise. 

Overall, 'My Voice' is a solid album, choc-full of brilliant tracks with replay value. Bless you Taeyeon for taking us on this beautiful musical journey. You have outdone yourself.

What were your favourites?

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