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Dressing up in someone else's Street Fighter costume for a con isn't as easy as it looks...
10 Mar 2017 - 12:57 PM  UPDATED 10 Mar 2017 - 12:57 PM

Between making the awesome costumes to flaunting off your hard work on the day, cosplaying at conventions is as rewarding as it is fun. But sometimes there are those times where dressing up for a con doesn't go quite as planned and embarrassing shenanigans are experienced, something that Lucky and Dan have first-hand experience with!

For Lucky, she's torn her pants and tight catsuits far too many times to count, as well as the occasional passing out moment due to wearing a too-tight corset. But perhaps her most memorable embarrassing cosplay happened when she borrowed a Cammy costume from a friend and decided to change into it at the convention. Since it wasn't her costume, Lucky had no idea how it worked and caused enough ruckus in her bathroom stall that people were concerned something sinister was going on. Of course, all it ultimately amounted to was Lucky nearly getting her foot stuck in the toilet and incorrectly wearing a Cammy outfit for the rest of the day.

As for Dan, his story was a bit more grisly. In preparation for a convention, he and Lucky both chose to go as Deadpool and decided to make their costumes by hand. Armed with a pair of super sharp scissors, Dan was cutting up some fabric when he accidentally cut himself. From that point, his memories were a bit hazy - despite initially seeing no blood, Dan's next memory was of him waking up on the ground with Lucky crying over him.

According to Lucky, what happened was that Dan had collapsed after cutting himself, and she initially thought he had somehow died, in her house no less. Fortunately for Dan, he was still 100% alive and it was nothing too dramatic, other than a cut finger and a hysteric crying best friend!

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