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First impressions are important - and these were among the best in K-pop!
14 Mar 2017 - 1:52 PM  UPDATED 14 Mar 2017 - 1:53 PM

They say that first impressions are important, and in the world of K-pop, this saying is completely true. In order to stand out in the highly competitive K-pop scene, new groups need to make a huge splash with an attention-grabbing debut. 

Of the many fantastic debuts we've seen over the years, here are 12 of the most memorable debut K-pop songs - in no particular order - to hit airwaves.

12. Miss A - "Bad Girl, Good Girl"

One of the more iconic debuts in recent memory, miss A had a heap of hype as the sister group to Wonder Girls, and they were met with immediate success. "Bad Girl, Good Girl" showcased their impressive dancing and vocal skills, as well as their super catchy sound, and the fact that we haven't heard from them in over a year makes us a little sad. 

11. CNBlue - "I'm A Loner"

Given that there aren't many big name rock bands in South Korea, CNBlue were like a breath of fresh air for audiences when they dropped their mega successful single "I'm a Loner". It also didn't hurt that the group were mega talented and good-looking to boot!

10. Black Pink - "Boombayah" and "Whistle"

After teasing a new girl group for years, YG finally unveiled Black Pink last August - and the K-pop world immediately took notice. Armed with two super strong singles that showcased the group's unique badass image and sound, Black Pink remain on the rise as we near their first anniversary.

9. B.A.P - "Warrior"

"Warrior" was one of the most hard-hitting debuts in recent years, and B.A.P held nothing back in terms of physicality, drama, and intensity.   


8. MAMAMOO - "Mr. Ambiguous"

Considered one of the best debuts of 2014, it's easy to see why MAMAMOO made such a great first impression. Combining their powerful vocals with their trademark energetic performances, MAMAMOO managed to stand out in the crowded K-pop scene and the girls haven't looked back since.

7. SHINee - "Replay"

SHINee's "Replay" offered up a glimpse into what made the group stand out from their peers - sophisticated musicianship, excellent vocals, iconic dance moves, and endlessly catchy lyrics. "Replay" was ultimately a huge success and it was just the start of much more for SHINee.

6. TWICE - "Like Ohh Ahh"

After garnering some attention due to the competition survival show "Sixteen," TWICE followed up on their initial promise with the release of their insanely catchy "Like Ohh Ahh" MV. Showcasing each of the members' individual charms and their now-trademark catchy pop sound, "Like Ohh Ahh" was an instant success and it became the first debut MV to hit the 100 million view mark.

5. BTS - "No More Dream"

BTS' sound may have evolved considerably over the years, but it all began when the boys hit the scene with the brilliantly intense "No More Dream." Filled with hard-hitting beats and the group's trademark razor dance choreography, this was just the beginning of a wildly-successful ride for the boys.

4. 2NE1 - "Fire"

After catching people's attention with their pre-debut collaboration with label mates BIGBANG, 2NE1 forged their own path as more than "the female BIGBANG" with the release of "Fire", which became an instant success due to its catchy and fun reggae sound. 

3. EXO - "MAMA"

Within 30 seconds of watching the "MAMA" MV, EXO's uniquely powerful intensity and dancing prowess was something rarely seen in the K-pop scene, and this quickly established the boys as one of the industry's leading groups.

2. Girls' Generation - "Into the New World"

While they hit it big with "Gee," Girls' Generation had their humble start with the enduringly popular "Into the New World." 

The song was/still is the most impressive showcase of the group's vocal and dancing skills, and it helped paved the way for not only Girls' Generation's success, but for future girl groups to come.

1. BIGBANG - "We Belong Together"

BIGBANG will forever be one of the biggest K-pop groups of all time, and it all started with this iconic little song. Not only did each member have a hand in composing the song, but it was a big success on the charts, setting the tone for the rest of BIGBANG's career. 


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