The underrated Brave Girls return with another must-hear single.
15 Mar 2017 - 10:42 AM  UPDATED 15 Mar 2017 - 10:42 AM

It’s not unusual for struggling rookie groups to go through member changes and lengthy hiatuses, but even by those standards, Brave Girls have had it tough.

Debuting in 2011 under producer Brave Brothers, the quintet briefly showed promise as potential future stars, only to be quickly eclipsed by their more popular rivals A Pink and Dal Shabet.

After less than 12 months on the scene, the group went into an extended hiatus that lasted almost FOUR years (and you thought YG was bad with scheduling)! They returned last year with a (mostly) new lineup, released a couple of amazing but unsuccessful singles, and lost two more members. Now they’re back as a five-piece with the new single, “Rollin’.”

Despite having one producer for their entire career, Brave Girls always change their sound with every comeback in the hope that something will finally stick, and “Rollin’” is no exception. This time they’re doing the popular trop-house genre, and have thrown in some lush Bieber-esque flutes to make it even more on-trend with American pop music. It’s an interesting direction for Brave Brothers, whose sound usually exists as his very own, confined to the world of K-pop. But “Rollin’” is truly global, like something Little Mix or Fifth Harmony could crack the Top Forty with at this very moment.

As current as the production is, the entire song and concept screams 2014, back when K-pop was going through its extreme sexy phase. However, I’m sure most K-pop fans will agree with me that 2014 was a fantastic time, and that Brave Girls’ outdated image is fun to see even if it doesn’t make much sense commercially.

As expected, the song has yet to come anywhere close to cracking the charts since its release last week. Brave Girls’ lack of popularity is a reminder of how good music doesn’t automatically equal chart success. If AOA had done “High Heels” or BLACKPINK got “Rollin’,” there’s no doubt that both tunes would’ve become smash hits.

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