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These commercials featuring all your favourite K-pop idols are hilarious! As BTS yell out in a precursor to their BBQ Chicken ad:

Alright guys, strap yourselves in, here's hilarious ads with K-pop stars in them:

1. BTS for Mala BBQ Chicken

The BTS boys have entertainingly melodramatic reactions to eating chicken. The slow-mo tears and over-the-top crying accompanied with Spanish telenova background music is genius. Loving the puns as well. See * at the end for more explanation on the Korean language puns they used.


Did you catch the close-up of Jungkook's eye, just like the scene from the "Not Today" MV? BTS, just dropping Easter eggs everywhere.

2. Monsta X's Shownu & D.I.A.'s Yebin for Kose

Shownu and Yebin do a clever parody of popular K-Drama Goblin in this ad for makeup brand Kose. The clip uses a song from the drama's OST and the duo wear similar clothes to the show's main characters, such as Eun Tak's signature thick red scarf.

But, instead of blowing a candle to call the Goblin, Yebin shakes a Kose blush tint bottle to make Shownu suddenly appear, even in the female toilets.


3. BIGBANG for iStation PMP

Imagine you had an electronic device that could summon BIGBANG and get them to do whatever it is you wanted them to do. E.g. Seungri to dance for you, Taeyang to serenade you, G-Dragon to act cute, Daesung to sing Trot and T.O.P to stare at you with smouldering eyes. That's just what this commercial does, with some side-splitting laughs from BigBang's crazy antics.


4. EXO for Kolon Sport

This CF is like a reverse Cinderella story. Instead of the boys finding Cinderella's glass slipper, the girl runs away with Prince Charming's (ie. EXO's) used and most likely smelly-but-valuable sports shoes. EXO's dance moves are on display, and the boys are looking handsome but really it's all about Tao's comical facial expression at 1:05. 


5. TVXQ & SNSD for Anycall Haptic Motion

An iconic ad for a touchscreen phone featuring label-mates TVXQ and SNSD. Emphasis on "touch," which is referred to as "Haptic." Loving the comedy with various romantic entanglements, and poor Junsu being the odd one out.


6. IU for Samsung Galaxy

A funny and adorable commercial where an IU fanboy doesn't notice IU on the bus behind him and repeatedly ignores her while she tries valiantly to catch his attention. Once she gets off the bus, he finally recognises her and then starts freaking out but it's too late. It's amusing how in one of IU's recent vlogs on her YouTube channel, a tourist had actually come up to her and said that she looked like IU without realising it was actually her. That's life imitating art.


7. EXID's Hani for KFC

Hani has some interesting and emotional conversations with her lover, which turns out to be KFC burgers. Living out her sports commentator fantasy, Hani uses some excellent voice imitations. Quirky, silly and very entertaining.


8. Girls Day's Hyeri for Maple Soju

Hyeri shows us some goofy ways of shaking, all of which include drinking Maple Soju in between. Quite possibly this CF is showing us the effects of drinking a soju, which can make your body shake as the drink goes down your throat.

9. MOMOLAND's Jooe for Tropicana

Is this funny or is it one of the most annoying ads in existence? It's really hard to say but we bet you won't be able to get the jingle out of your head after. Also this is a great way to learn the Korean words for different fruits.

10. Wanna One for Samsung Pay Shopping

Each member showcased their unique charms in these series of promotion spots. Kang Daniel fake surfing and Ong Seong Wu overdoing the acting on the weights will have you giggling for sure. It seriously feels like they weren't given a script for this.

* V runs frantically to find the rest of the gang and says, "It's a relief (an shim)" upon seeing them to which Jin replies - while holding a chicken piece - "It's a tenderloin (an shim)." It's a pun as, "An shim" can mean 'tenderloin,' and/or, 'relief' in Korean. Also, when Jungkook is looking at the moon he says, "Wow, the moon (tari) is big," then Rap Monster replies with, "that's right, the leg (tari) is big." A pun because "Ta ri" can mean either 'moon,' or, 'leg' in Korean.  

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