From playing Wembley Arena to the (re)rise of X Japan, there's a lot more to come from Yoshiki!
17 Mar 2017 - 2:42 PM  UPDATED 17 Mar 2017 - 2:42 PM

Hot off the heels of his awesome live show at London's Wembley Arena and the release of a documentary about his band X Japan, J-rock star Yoshiki says that he thinks rock is about to come back and that he has no intention to stop.

In a new interview, Yoshiki reveals that despite having been in the industry for over 30 years, he has no intention of stopping, saying that his father's suicide was a primary motivator.

“I’m afraid of stopping. I was very suicidal after my father took his own life…the only way to keep living was not stopping. In order for me to be existing, I need to keep on just moving forward, to keep on challenging.”

As part of that plan to keep moving forward, Yoshiki now has his sights set on America following his successful run at Wembley Arena, and it seems fitting given that 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of X Japan's reunion.

Having finally released a documentary charting the life and times of X Japan, Yoshiki says that not only did the film prove to be "therapeutic" given the series of dramas that the band had previously went through, but it has inspired the reformed band to pursue something big - their first studio album in 20 years. 

“It’s going to be done in the next few months…it’s just a matter of time. All the songs are pretty much ready, just have to do mixing, mastering.”

When asked about his prospects for the album, Yoshiki said that while he was initially nervous, he feels pretty confident about it. As the interview wound to a close, Yoshiki was asked just how long can X Japan can keep going after so many years, to which he simply replied it is impossible to tell.

“If we are sports athletes, of course we might have passed the peak…but Paul McCartney is still around, Mick Jagger, also the lifespan is getting longer and longer. We’ll see. We are still singing the same high notes, (playing at) the same speed…I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but so far, so good. Rock is not only just a music format. It’s more like a lifestyle.”

It's been a great 3 decades, Yoshiki, and we can't wait for what's next in the future!


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