"Meet more overseas fans"? Sooooo, does that mean a Red Velvet visit to Australia is on the cards?
21 Mar 2017 - 12:08 PM  UPDATED 21 Mar 2017 - 12:09 PM

Red Velvet had a wildly successful comeback last month with the release of their new album "Rookie," managing to win critical (and commercial) acclaim, as well as numerous music awards. Their latest release has also managed to open some new international doors for the colourful girl group, with SXSW inviting the girls to Texas to perform at its fifth annual K-pop Night Out showcase recently.

Speaking to Billboard about their experience abroad, Red Velvet are nothing short of grateful for all the love they've received so far for their showcases at SXSW. With crowds greeting them with rapturous applause whenever they went on stage, Billboard asked the girls what makes their quirky style so appealing, to which Seulgi replied that Red Velvet's wide-ranging sound means that anyone of any age and gender can enjoy their music: 

"I think, and actually heard from our fans, that listeners get energized by our songs. And because of our various music styles, everyone can find something they enjoy regardless of their age and gender."

Upon being asked to elaborate what separates Red Velvet from other SM Entertainment girl groups, Wendy says it's the subtle differences in each member's talent that shaped their identity from their labelmates:

"Each of us has our own talents and that adds up to [us] as one and that’s what becomes a group, as Red Velvet. We make up songs that are different than theirs. I don’t know how to explain this. Even though we do the same genres, it’s different. If you listen to it, you can feel it within your heart that it’s different. But each of us has different talents and we have different ways that we sing our music styles, and that adds up to one thing and that makes up Red Velvet."

When asked about how it feels to be the only K-pop idol group performing at the event, Yeri says that they were honoured to be sharing the stage with other legendary acts:

"We heard that we are the only idol group performing at SXSW this time. It’s such an honor to share the stage with the such legendary acts like Tiger JK and Yoonmirae. We will do our best to show our distinctive, youthful sound and energetic style."

It certainly appears that Red Velvet aren't letting this get to their heads as when it was brought up that they were a headlining act at SXSW, Wendy replied with humour and graciousness at the honour:

"I think we’re like the decorations at the end. [Laughs] The sprinkles on top."

Wendy also has her hopes on exploring new territory for the next comeback because when asked what new concept Red Velvet could explore next, she was quite excited about tackling girl crushes!

"Girl crush, kind of? I want us to wear a suit with a fedora hat. You can kind of think of [Girls’ Generation’s] “Mr.Mr” but more manly."

As for what's next for Red Velvet, there will undoubtedly be a comeback at some point but Yeri says don't expect a new album soon as everyone is focused on individual activities at the moment. Having said that though, the girls do hope to meet more of their overseas fans throughout this year, something we're quite excited about!

"About a month has passed since we completed our Rookie album activities, so there are no plans yet for our next album but we’re focusing on individual projects. We are also hoping to meet more of our overseas fans."

Red Velvet may be one of K-pop's most popular girl groups at the moment, but it appears that there is still much more to come from the girls in the future!


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