Ailee singing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" is amaze!
22 Mar 2017 - 10:39 AM  UPDATED 22 Mar 2017 - 10:40 AM

From the internet screen to the international stage, these K-Pop artists have turned what was once a small hobby into a big dream. From uploading covers for fun to superstardom, these idols took a chance when putting themselves out there on the 'Tube.  

1. Ailee

Ailee first showed her vocal prowess to the world when she started uploading song covers under the YouTube usernames mzamyx3 and aileemusic. Watch her powerful rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing."  This was from 10 years ago, when 480p was still considered HD!


Can't wait to hear her amazing voice live when she comes down to Melbourne on Friday. 

2. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Before she became one-fifth of SM girl-group Red Velvet, Wendy sang her heart out on her YouTube channel wendyshon.  Unfortunately, her channel is now closed but here's a pre-debut video from a song she collaborated on with another YouTuber, SJK, to give you an idea.

3. BM (K.A.R.D)

In his earlier days, Big Mathew (BM) of K.A.R.D used to upload his freestyle dance videos to YouTube under the username bigmatheww. Most of them were taken either in a dance studio or as impromptu dances on the street.

On the below video he says, "I was out with my dad and his friends out here in Korea, had my camera on me so decided to shoot a lil freestyle while they were having a meeting :D".

What else is there to do when you're bored and your parents are busy?


4. Rome (C-Clown)

Before he became the leader of C-Clown, our Aussie homeboy Rome used to upload break-dancing videos to his YouTube channel Barom Yu. Known as B-boy B.yu, he would also upload dance tutorials such as this one, which has over 2 million views.

5. Eric Nam

Before becoming a K-Pop idol and TV host, Eric Nam uploaded pre-debut English and Korean song covers to his YouTube channel. Look how adorable he was back then with his cute glasses and singing to his laptop camera.

6. Young K (Day6)

Before he became known as Young K of Day6, Brian Kang was part of a group called '3rd Degree,' which he formed with two of his friends, Terry He and Don Lee. They were active on YouTube, posting covers and some original songs composed by Brian himself. Most of their old videos are still up on Terry He's YouTube channel.


7. Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates gained popularity on YouTube with their rock-inspired covers of hit songs such as 'Genie' (SNSD), 'Nobody' (Wonder Girls) and 'Sorry Sorry' (Super Junior). After their covers went viral, they got discovered and were signed under a Korean record label.


8. Megan Lee

Megan Lee was well known on YouTube under the username hellomeganlee prior to her official debut as a singer in Korea.   

9. Prince Mak (JJCC)

Another one of our homies, Prince Mak of JJCC, used to post covers on his YouTube channel, Henry Mak, which he still uses to this day!

A lot of idols such as IU, Chanyeol and Dara have recently opened their own personal YouTube channels.

Who will be next?!

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