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Let's just say the Eat Your Kimchi duo won't be stanning Six Bomb any time soon!
21 Mar 2017 - 1:54 PM  UPDATED 21 Mar 2017 - 1:55 PM

March has had a number of notable comebacks, but the one comeback concept that's been catching everyone's attention - mainly for the wrong reasons - has been Six Bomb and their emphasis on getting plastic surgery, something that the Eat Your Kimchi duo aren't a fan of.

Simon and Martina weren't critical of plastic surgery itself, but they weren't pleased to see how Six Bomb used plastic surgery as a hook in order to market and sell their music. While plastic surgery is quite common in South Korea, Six Bomb were perhaps the first group to come out and happily embrace it as a musical concept, something that Simon and Martina are upset to see as it normalises plastic surgery in Korea into something that's as common as picking out clothes at a store.

But the bigger issue about using plastic surgery in K-pop, and some elements of K-pop in general, is how it gives off the wrong impression on what South Korean culture actually is. While plastic surgery is unnatural, and the crazy fashions seen in K-pop is not an accurate reflection on what Korean culture actually is, this fact is sadly lost upon many people who aren't familiar with the country.

And for Simon and Martina, the saddest part in this whole Six Bomb/plastic surgery debacle is that the song and MV is ultimately quite bad, and the girls will be in debt with their company for quite sometime due to the amount spent on this latest comeback.

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