For cutting edge toilet technology, visit Japan!
22 Mar 2017 - 1:31 PM  UPDATED 22 Mar 2017 - 1:31 PM

Toilet technology in Japan is arguably the most advanced in the world, but it appears that the Japanese are going to push the bar even higher - something that the Eat Your Kimchi duo are quite excited about!

For those who are unaware, Japanese toilets are called bidets and they are something out of the future. From heated seats to a cleaning spray (and dryer) for your butts, Japanese toilets are amazing, so much so that all other "normal" toilets are now ruined for Simon.

With the 2020 Olympics coming up, Japan have decided to make their already-futuristic toilets even more futuristic. Not only are plans underway to introduce a universal language for all the toilet buttons in order to help visitors, Japanese bidet companies are working on a number of advanced toilet technologies, such as a self-cleaning mechanism and a self-sanitising feature for toilet seats.


So the moral of the story, if you want to experience the latest in toilet technology, visit Japan!

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