Some netizens aren't too happy with SEVENTEEN's answers to fan letters.
23 Mar 2017 - 10:14 AM  UPDATED 23 Mar 2017 - 11:47 AM

SEVENTEEN have caught a wave of heat from netizens due to their allegedly rude responses to fan letters.

Over in an online forum, a fan shared photos of the notes they exchanged with SEVENTEEN during a recent fan sign event.

One of the notes had the question "What am I to you?", to which it is alleged that Seungkwan wrote "My bread and butter [our income]" in response. S.Coups and Wonwoo also reportedly answered the question, writing "Woozi fan!" and "haha Woozi fan" respectively when they found out the fan was a Woozi bias.

There has been a variety of reactions from netizens in response to these alleged fan question answers, some who criticised the SEVENTEEN members for their rude comments:

  • "Bread and butter... Is he crazy? He must've thought writing that kind of crap is funny."
  • "I'm more shocked that he wrote Woozi fan. He should've said something nice since the fan spent money and came all the way there to see them... Is it that hard to write something nice for your precious fan..."

However, there were also some who were defending SEVENTEEN's responses:

  • "This is the reality. Wake up kids."
  • "Fact."
  • "Wow... He should've said ATM instead of bread and butter."


In response to this controversy, Pledis Entertainment have issued out a statement regarding SEVENTEEN's alleged comments, writing that the group does not think low of their fans.

Here is Pledis' statement in full:

"Hello, this is the staff of Pledis.

We're cautiously leaving a message as unconfirmed stories are being spread online. We cannot assure that our staff is always with or remember every fan and Seventeen when they have a conversation, but we do know that Seventeen is a group that does not think low of their relationship with fans. We want you to remember that they're the ones who treasure Carats the most. We hope you guys who walk with Seventeen are not hurt. Take care of your health during the season change and we will greet you guys with new news in the near future.

Thank you."

What are your thoughts on SEVENTEEN's alleged rude responses to fan letters?


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