K-pop - helping kids with obesity one song at a time!
23 Mar 2017 - 12:29 PM  UPDATED 23 Mar 2017 - 12:31 PM

The dance choreography for most K-pop songs is noted to be both physically tiring, yet fun all at the same, and now a high school in South Korea are embracing all this dancing as a way to combat obesity.

According to new reports, the Jeju Central Girls' High School has introduced a new initiative called the "Healthy and Joyful School Program" after it was ranked the highest in obesity rates out of all the high schools in Jeju Island.

This new program involves swapping the school's meal plan to a "2+2" plan, where two types of fruit and vegetables are available for lunch each day. In addition to healthier diet plans, the program also features an aerobic class where students can learn the dance moves of hit K-pop tracks, such as TWICE's "Knock Knock." This is all just the start of the school's fight against obesity as there are future inititives coming soon as part of the program, such as the prohibtiation of fast food and snacks in classrooms.

The program has been well-received so far, with students giving a thumbs up to the K-pop focused aerobics class and the healthier meal plans:

  • "It's fun learning new moves every day. I can feel that our school has become healthier as we take aerobic classes and exercise."
  • "It was annoying at first because our lunch time was cut short and we couldn't eat anything other than school lunch, but I started enjoying exercising and felt the fun. I'm now joyfully participating in the program after seeing weight loss results."

What are your thoughts on using K-pop to combat obesity?


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