They've updated their streaming software. Hurrah!
24 Mar 2017 - 2:24 PM  UPDATED 24 Mar 2017 - 5:01 PM

Crunchyroll have announced they will update their software to cloud-based encoding to respond to their growing audience.

Following reports from users that the video streaming service’s video quality had dropped significantly, Crunchyroll released a statement explaining their new video encoding plans.

Concerns were raised earlier this month when the company released simulcasted episodes of this season’s programs using the new video encoding software, testing it with a wide audience.

“The encodes that some users experienced were not up to the standards of our previous system, nor up to the standards we demand from ourselves,” Crunchyroll told fans in a post on their community forum.

“To keep up with our growing audience and the many ways people are consuming anime, we’ve been working on a new infrastructure to better support viewing.”

According to an Ellation engineer involved with the coding of Crunchyroll’s video player, Michael Dale, the company didn’t anticipate such a growing audience.

“Traditionally, Crunchyroll video has been served out of datacenter infrastructure,” wrote Dale in a blog post on Medium. “However, to scale with the launch of VRV and the growing Crunchyroll audience, we decided to transition to cloud encode and delivery.”

“These encodes were affected by a mistake in our encoding settings discovered after the catalog had been encoded,” he continued. “ We have been using these problematic encodes for distribution a day or more after publishing.”

The new software is expected to be applied to the rest of Crunchyroll’s catalogue, as well as their PlayStation 4 app, in the coming days.

Earlier today, Crunchyroll announced they will be streaming the first and second season of Spring 2016’s smashout hit, My Hero Academia, as it airs next season. AnimeLab had previously simulcasted the show’s first season, but won't be airing the second season. 

"AnimeLab have confirmed they will not be airing My Hero Academia this season," a spokesperson for Madman told SBS PopAsia.

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