Glad to hear Jackson is back to 100%!
24 Mar 2017 - 9:00 AM  UPDATED 24 Mar 2017 - 9:18 AM

***** UPDATE #3 *****

In some great news for all GOT7 fans out there, Jackson is feeling better and ready to return to the stage!

JYP Entertainment have released a new statement saying that Jackson will be ending his hiatus today and is scheduled to rejoin his GOT7 members on the stage starting from March 25, which will be on MBC's "Music Core."

Here is JYP's statement in full:

"Hello, this is JYPE.

Jackson will be taking a break until Friday the March 24th and return to his regular schedule on Saturday the March 25th.

We sincerely appreciate all the fans who've waited and given support. We will continue to consider our artist's health first and foremost for future schedules.

Thank you."

We're just happy to hear that Jackson is all better!


***** UPDATE #2 *****

In a new update on GOT7's official fan cafe from JYP Entertainment about Jackson's current health condition, the agency stated that he will extend his break in order to fully recover.

The original plan was to have Jackson return on March 19, but JYP have stated that the GOT7 member will extend his break and not participate in any activities until further notice. No specific date has been confirmed for Jackson's return, but JYP have stated that it will continue to update fans on his condition.

Here's JYP's message in full:

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We are writing to inform you that Jackson, who was planned to be taking a break until March 19, will be extending his break and will be unable to take part in the schedule today (March 20).

In regards to the ‘Genie School Attack’ event today, it was difficult to provide this information in advance due to the nature of the event, and so we ask for your understanding. We will let fans know as soon as a concrete time has been decided upon for his return.

We are sincerely sorry to be informing fans of this unfortunate news. Jackson is taking a rest and focusing on taking care of his health, and we will do everything we can for his recovery.

Thank you.”

Our wishes are with you, Jackson, and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!


***** UPDATE #1 *****

JYP Entertainment have provided an update on Jackson's condition, stating that he will be absent from any stages and schedules until March 19. While this means Jackson will miss the first week of comeback performances for GOT7, fans will see him back onstage the week after.

Here's a translation of JYP's statement:

"Hello, this is JYPE.
We are letting you know that Jackson will not be participating in any schedules until the 19th.
As we let you know in the previous announcement, the hospital diagnosis did not find anything wrong with him, but he will be resting and focusing on recovering. If there are extra schedule changes, we will let you know in a future announcement.
We apologize for worrying many fans, and we will do our best so Jackson can come back to fans healthily.
Thank you."

Get well soon, Jackson!


In some unfortunate news, GOT7's Jackson is currently under rest due to illness.

According to new reports, Jackson was feeling less than 100% during a recent fan meeting. Fans noticed that he was looking pale, and it was reported that he was vomiting backstage and had to pull out of some events, such as the hi-touch.

JYP Entertainment issued out a statement on Jackson's condition, stating that “Jackson’s health suddenly worsened at the fan meet on March 11. [JYP] judged that it would be difficult for him to continue, so he had to sit out the last event, which was the hi-touch session. Jackson is currently resting and concentrating on getting his health back to normal.”

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jackson, and come back when you're all better!


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