Your new Monday-Tuesday drama obsession starring Red Velvet’s Joy.
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TvN’s The Liar and His Lover is an adaptation of the manga Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru and your new Monday-Tuesday drama obsession. It follows a genius composer called Kang Han Gyeol, who sometimes-maybe-often spaces out and just listens to people’s voices for inspiration, and cutesy Yoon So Rim, who's an air-head high school student with an amazing voice - she'd do well as a singer if she overcomes her stage-fright.

Starring Lee Hyun Woo and Red Velvet’s Joy, The Liar and His Lover is an interesting mix of light-hearted moments and angsty relationship struggles. Despite only two episodes airing so far, there has been a lot of crying already. Both leads have a sad backstory, but what else were we expecting from a K-drama, really? This drama has bucked the recent trend of starting a series with something violent or bloody, which is a big relief.

**Spoilers ahead… Beware!**

Here's thoughts on what we’ve seen so far:

The kind-of-jerk who's still cute – Kang Han Gyeol  

We’ve begun seeing glimpses of Han Gyeol’s past. The relationship he has with his father and his departure from Crude Play are both major aspects, influencing his current perspective. I’m struggling with reconciling the kind of tsundere, and moronic, image of the male lead with Lee Hyun Woo being so cute. I'm also disappointed that I haven't watched any of the dramas Hyun Woo’s previously been in, but also feel so blessed that I've been able to see him now because he sure is one good-looking guy.

Hyun Woo’s acting has been pretty solid so far, and I’ve definitely been able to feel the conceited/arrogant but also slightly pitiful vibes from his character (which I hope is intentional). His character will probably become more aware and considerate of other people’s feelings as the drama progresses, but for now we’ll have to make do with savage and not-so-good boyfriend material Han Gyeol.   

The actual ray of sunshine with the voice of an angel – Yoon So Rim  

Red Velvet's Joy’s casting decision, as the main lead, has created much heated discussion about idols being cast in drama roles and their unfair advantage. Reactions to her first acting attempt has been tepid, and sometimes downright negative, with people saying she looks out of place and awkward in some scenes.

Her acting isn’t a glaringly obvious issue though, and she’s managed to fit into her character quite well. So Rim is your typical ditsy, but super lovable, manga main character who gets along with all the elderly people in the neighbourhood and would be impetuous enough to fall in love with someone she’s just met (which, FYI, she promptly proceeds to do by the end of the first episode). It’s interesting, but also extremely unfortunate, that the reason she has stage-fright is because her mum died in an accident before her first performance. Sad backstory aside, So Rim is heart-warmingly adorable and optimistic, and I just hope the drama writers do a good job in developing her character into something a bit more multidimensional.

First contact – the two leads' relationship

It’s kind of adorable that they initially crossed paths on the bus and he instantly became interested in her voice. Can you imagine some cute-looking guy just hearing your voice and then being in awe of it? Goals, ammiright?

What’s even better is that he hasn’t even realised it yet, which while admittedly a bit strange and potentially inconsistent, is sure to make for an excellent reveal later on. It's apparent that music and sound is a major component of their relationship, and it will be interesting to see how this progresses. One of Han Gyeol’s major flaws, as has been pointed out be his ex and his friends in Crude Play, is that all he cares about is music and he doesn’t exactly care enough about anyone else, so I wonder what’s going to happen between him and So Rim – will he learn the error of his ways?  Some exceptionally cute moments that need to be highlighted from the first two eps:

So Rim straight up asks Han Gyeol if he believes in love at first sight and proceeds to immediately profess her love to him.

Getting pushed around in the elevator and their faces get very VERY CLOSE (how is her face not tomato red?)

So Rim imagining Han Gyeol as languidly stretched out in her classroom

What about the actual plot?  

I don’t personally think the plot itself is that strong and nothing has immediately stood out to me. They’ve begun setting up some of the major conflict between Han Gyeol and literally everyone else in the drama – the members of Crude Play, especially the bassist that he chose to replace him, the executives for the music production company (or whatever they are, I’m not too sure yet), and his now ex-girlfriend. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out. Speaking of the bassist, I’ve got a gut feeling they might start a love triangle with Han Gyeol and So Rim. Just saying.

Fingers crossed that the drama keeps improving from here!

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