Legendary moves that will never be forgotten! #neverforget
29 Mar 2017 - 11:28 AM  UPDATED 29 Mar 2017 - 11:30 AM

Let's revisit some of the best dance moves from our dearly-missed disbanded girl groups, who have inspired millions of dance covers worldwide.

We've sadly had to bid farewell to many popular girl groups recently, because they've disbanded or are on the brink of disbanding (*cough T-ara cough*). Rather than wallow, let's celebrate their unforgettable dance choreography, that went viral in their heyday.

1. Wonder Girls: "Nobody" and "Tell Me"

"I want nobody nobody but you!" Who can forget the signature clapping and pointing moves to send not-so-discreet love messages to your crush with?


Another notable mention to 'Tell Me;' a popular dance that everyone wanted to imitate back in the day, especially with Sohee's adorable "Omona."   


2. KARA: "Mister"

The mesmerising butt-dance, swaying your hips side-to-side will never get old. Nicole is, and always will be, #goals.  


3. 2NE1: "I Am The Best"

Nothing says style, attitude and swag more than 2NE1's famous 'I Am The Best' moves.  


4. 4Minute: "Hot Issue"

This head-to-toe dance put a unique spin on the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" exercise dance we all learnt as kids.


5. Rainbow: "A"

The sneaky little shirt lift that slowly revealed Rainbow's chiseled abs. Sexy.


6. I.O.I: "Very Very Very"

The cute and catchy up-and-down fist pumps were perfect for this upbeat dance song. Very, very, very addictive.


7. T-ara: "Bo Peep Bo Peep"

Before 'Buing Buing' and 'Shy Shy Shy,' aegyo came in the shape of T-ara's cat paw-like moves for 'Bo Peep Bo Peep.'


These dance moves shall forever live on in the K-Pop girl group Wall of Fame. 

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