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Want to have skin as luscious as Prince Mak's? Just follow his simple 12-step K-pop skincare formula!
29 Mar 2017 - 2:06 PM  UPDATED 29 Mar 2017 - 2:06 PM

Another week and that means only one thing - Prince Mak is back on SBS PopAsia radio with "The Prince Mak Hour."

In the latest episode of his radio show, Prince Mak has decided to pull the curtain back on some of the tricks that he uses to maintain his beautiful skin.

Without further ado, here is Prince Mak's self-titled "12-step K-pop skincare formula":

  1. Make-up remover - This is incredibly important, especially those who love make-up. Make-up has to come off and make sure you remove all it all before you sleep or you will pay for it in the morning when break-outs happen!
  2. Cleanser - Use this after removing make-up and it will help remove any excess oils on your skin.
  3. Exfoliate - Once a week (no more!), be sure to remove all those blackheads on your face. Prince Mak uses blackhead strips, but there are other options out there like exfoliate scrubs. Use what suits your skin the best!
  4. Face/Sheet masks - This is to help those wrinkles, as well as keeping your skin shiny. Find a face mask that suits your skin and 2 to 3 times a week is enough.
  5. Toner - Use it after you wash your face. This helps remove what's left of your cleanser and make-up remover, as well as getting rid of dead skin.
  6. Essence - This will help renew your skin cells, giving you new and healthy skin. Use it immediately after the toner.
  7. Face Serum - Use this to help fix those blemishes, dark spots, and lines!
  8. Moisturiser - This will (unsurprisingly) keep your skin moist and hydrated, so make sure you rub it into your skin.
  9. Eye Cream - For those who have dark circles under your eyes (aka, Panda eyes), eye cream will be your best friend. Use only a little bit and apply it with just one finger, and say bye-bye to the bags underneath your eyes!
  10. Night Cream - The final step before you go to sleep. Apply it just before bed, wash it off in the morning, and say hello to clear and hydrated skin!
  11. Sleep and Rest - Make sure you get enough rest because being tired and stressed won't mix well with your skin.
  12. Diet - Eating healthy is important, but be sure to take it easy on heavy, oily foods as this will make your skin oily (according to Prince Mak).

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