Which girl group are you most anticipating?
30 Mar 2017 - 4:42 PM  UPDATED 30 Mar 2017 - 4:42 PM

April is going to be a huge month for K-Pop, with both WINNER and IKON coming back. We've also got some major female solo releases on the way from Taeyeon, IOI’s Chungha, and best of all, IU. But as a professional girl group stan, that’s what I’m most excited for, so I’ve put together a list of all of April’s major girl group comebacks.

Oh My Girl: Coloring Book (April 3)

Oh My Girl are the first cab of the rank with their fifth mini-album, Coloring Book. The girls had a good 2016, earning praise for “Windy Day” and scoring their highest-selling single to date with “A-ing.” Could they hit it big this time?

DREAMCATCHER: Fall Asleep In The Mirror (April 5)

Dal Shabet’s little sister group established themselves as one of K-Pop’s most promising and unique new stars with their J-rock influenced debut “Chase Me.” They’re still a small group from a small agency, but it’s safe to say that DREAMCATCHER’s comeback is one of the most-anticipated among Korean girl group enthusiasts.

DIA: On The Record (April 7)

The determined DIA will take another stab at success with a supposedly self-written and self-composed album. An early version of their catchy new techno-trot single “Wanna Date Me?” has already made its way online, while an official comeback teaser shows the group jamming out in the studio like an indie band. The MV and album jacket were recently shot in Japan, so whatever they’re planning, you know it’s going to be interesting.

EXID: Eclipse (April 10)

An EXID comeback is always something to look forward to, but their upcoming single will be the first without leader and vocal powerhouse Solji, who is sitting out due to health issues. Hopefully the other members can make this album the hit that it needs to be.


APRIL are another one of those small groups that are bottom tier but still have some buzz and potential to make it big. Their last album was pretty good and produced their best-selling single to date, “April Story.” Just like Oh My Girl, this could be their chance to rise.


LABOUM’s debuted back in 2014, under a small agency, and have never once cracked the Gaon top 100, but they’re all over TV with CFs, dramas, and MC gigs. I like their music, so I’m wishing them luck.

And the rest…

Other tentative releases due for April include STELLAR’s crowd-funded comeback, a 4-member Wa$$up, and Duble Sidekick’s MOMOLAND. I’m most excited for STELLAR, but I’ll still be supporting all the girls! Which comeback are you most excited for?

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