Don't be fooled by the very funny (and cute) GOT7!
31 Mar 2017 - 4:19 PM  UPDATED 26 Mar 2018 - 1:32 AM

Happy April Fools Day! The one day of the year when we can be forgiven for being pranksters. GOT7 love being silly pranksters so let's take a look at some of their funniest pranks! 

1.  Ghost prank

Little did the boys know there was a ghost hiding under their table. One member actually ran away at the speed of light, screaming at the top of his lungs, not knowing his fellow GOT7 member was actually the ghost!


2.  Planting fake animals

Jackson tells Youngjae that if he can correctly guess which hand he has $10 in, then the $10 is his. He did in fact guess correctly but instead of money, Jackson hands over a fake cockroach. Youngjae's reaction is absolutely hilarious as he freaks out thinking it's real!

3.  Thai massage

Yugyeom and JB thought they were about to get a relaxing Thai massage but their fellow GOT7 members did a sneaky takeover while their eyes were closed!


4.  Broken wine bottle 

The GOT7 members pretend to start arguing after an expensive wine bottle broke during one of their photoshoots. Unsuspecting maknae Yugyeom had no idea why he was to blame but still offered to pay half it's price. Such a sweet guy. Funniest part is watching Bam Bam being a diligent cleaner throughout the whole thing.


5.  Members in-fighting because of late Yugyeom

Another prank on the maknae. The boys pretend to blame Yugyeom for being late to their group lesson and getting their teacher mad. Great Oscar-worthy acting by the older members!   


6.  Yugyeom plays tricks on JB

Yugyeom got his sweet revenge with some tricks up his sleeve to prank leader JB not once, not twice, but four times! Full of laughs and cute giggles.

7.  GOT7 surprise fans

The best prank ever. GOT7 surprised their fans who had no idea they were coming!


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