Look no further for the answers to all of life’s pressing questions.
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K-Dramas are often seen merely as a source of fun and entertainment. But what is often overlooked is the immense wisdom and advice you can gain from them.

Amidst all the drama and complicated love-triangles lies the secrets of the universe and the answer to all the questions you could possibly have. Everyone from the protagonists to the random one-off ahjumma has something to offer. Get ready for wisdom!

On school and procrastination

If you're struggling to find study motivation, are sick of being at your desk reading textbooks day and night, and are wondering if it's even worth it, don't worry, you've just got something in common with drama characters. 

Lucky for everyone, this unseen person in The Good Doctor has some hard advice for you: 

If studying gets to be too much, take this advice from IU’s character in Pretty Boy:

On employment and jobs

Getting a job can be tough. It's a time where getting a call back after handing your resume in is harder than getting senpai/oppa to notice you. Not to worry, these k-Dramas have some solid advice:

Do Bong Soon from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon reasserted the importance of definition in the job market: 

One of the most important parts about getting a job is making a good impression in your interview. So, you could try for the ‘confident and competent’ persona demonstrated in Madame Antoine:

Or you could always try the more ‘open and honest’ approach taken in W: Two Worlds:

So don’t feel too bad about not knowing what to do!

On love and dating

Who could possibly be better to counsel you in all your romance woes than the characters of K-Dramas? Their vast experience in the field of love make them the ultimate repositories of wisdom and knowledge for all things romance.

Sometimes all you need to get the guy is your mum as your wing-woman: 

Duk Hwa in Goblin perfectly describes all the emotions and feelings that arise in the first moments of attraction:

However, love can be complicated and angsty and full of struggles. Sometimes, the guy you like just might not be right for you. As the mysterious busker guy in The Liar and His Lover says:

And if your boy is being annoying, channel your inner Doctor Kang Mo Yeon: 

If you’re just feeling upset overall because you haven’t yet met ‘the one,’ cherish these words from our beloved Crown Prince: 

On life in general

For some overall life wisdom, there’s a whole variety of advice to choose from.

The solution to disputes and conflict that Ban Ryu from Hwarang counsels is honestly a very good idea: 

If you’ve ever had a bad day, whether it be because you’ve been stuck in an exam for three hours or you saw something that upset you, just follow this handy trick

If it all gets too much for you, just remember this as you're sobbing your way through life: 

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