"Thank you so much for coming to Perth! I speak for so many WA fans when I say that we appreciate it so so much!"
5 Apr 2017 - 4:30 PM  UPDATED 6 Apr 2017 - 12:30 PM

It goes without saying that we're all super excited for GOT7 to be in Australia this month. We just can't wait...GOT7 ARE COMING SO SOON.

After the boys announced they'd be visiting Perth as their final stop in Australia, we've heard screams of excitement across the country. So, we asked two BIG GOT7 fans from Perth -  Jared Carrier and Shannon McGee - about how they're feeling. Here's what they had to say (can you relate?):

How do you feel about GOT7 coming to Perth?

Jared: I am seriously so excited to see GOT7 here in Perth. To have a K-Pop band of that calibre coming here to Perth is so exciting. A performance along with a fanmeet - with the options of high touch and a photo with them - is an amazing start to the ever growing K-Pop fan scene here in Australia.

Shannon: I’m super excited to see Got7 in Perth. I think that they are such a diverse group and each member brings their own talent and personality to the group, which would make for a spectacular show. The fact that I get to experience this is quite amazing.

Did you expect them to come to the West Coast?

Jared: Honestly I didn't - I know we have thousands of fans here, but Perth has never been one to get the niche concerts or opportunities. I reckon if BTS came here too it would be even more amazing and the attendance would be through the roof.

Shannon: Honestly, no way did I expect any group (let alone Got7) to come to Perth. It was a complete surprise and I’m so happy they made that decision. I even bought a ticket for the Melbourne show because deep down I knew they wouldn’t come to Perth so it was a great surprise when they announced the show. Perth really doesn’t get k-Pop acts at all so it really is a great way of bringing k-Pop fans together to experience a show that will be amazing.

When was the last time a big K-Pop act came to Perth?

Jared: Wow, I honestly can't remember. There was a variety concert held here in 2013 called 2K13 FEEL Korea at Challenge Stadium that featured artists such as Ailee and MBLAQ, but that is honestly about all I can remember in regards to any big K-Pop act coming here, besides PSY for Future Music 2013.

Shannon: MBLAQ and Ailee came a few years ago for a show but besides that nobody has come to Perth.

What are you most excited about?

Jared: Getting to see them perform in person, and if lucky getting to hang out with them haha! I'm a big fan of their music and I also produce music so it all goes hand-in-hand. Along with the fact that we get to meet all the other fans and generate a sense of community, which is another exciting thing.

Shannon: I think I’m really excited for the fan service, Got7 are really great at making sure their fans have a great time. Also seeing Youngjae because his voice (and his face) is amazing.

What's your favourite thing about GOT7?

Jared: I like their edgier beats and rapping compared to other K-Pop boy bands, but they also have a catchy melody. One of my favourite tracks is Hard Carry!

Shannon: They're very well respected and such a talented group of guys. They each bring their own aspect to the group and make it so unique. I also love how down to earth they all are, watching them on V LIVE, and behind the scenes at shows; they really are just a bunch of regular guys but with a great job that lets them travel and see the world whilst doing what they love.

What do you hope to see, or, experience at their fanmeet?

Jared: Getting a photo with the guys would be amazing and hopefully getting to meet them on a personal fan level would be great! Dance moves and cooking tips from Jackson! haha

Shannon: I’m looking forward to seeing them perform their songs live. Watching videos on YouTube is great but actually being there and experiencing the show live is something completely different. It’s a lot more personal being in a space where they are just showcasing to a specific audience and not the whole world. So, to be able to be in the crowd and show them support from such an isolated city like Perth is really an opportunity I don’t want to miss. Also I bought a Gold ticket so I’m pretty excited to meet them!

What's a message you'd like to send to the boys?

Jared: Good luck and I really hope you enjoy Australia! Come back soon as well - K-Pop is just going to get larger and larger in popularity!

Shannon: Thank you so much for coming to Perth! I speak for so many WA fans when I say that we appreciate it so so much! We really truly value this and I hope you all have a great time in Australia and make sure you get to have some downtime to relax! We welcome you to Australia and Perth and I hope you really enjoy your tour here. Perth is a great city and the fans will not disappoint. 

Here's the info for GOT7's Australia fan-meet!

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