From Durarara!! to Steins;Gate, Kana Hanazawa voices many of your favourite anime characters.
5 Apr 2017 - 11:03 AM  UPDATED 5 Apr 2017 - 11:05 AM

Behind the beautiful face of Kana Hanazawa is the voice of many anime fan favourites. From the quiet and emotionally reserved Angel in Angel Beats!, to one of the most well-written characters in recent years; Akane Tsunemori, Hanazawa’s roles demonstrate her ability to adapt her voice to any role.

Psycho-Pass’ Akane lacks self-confidence and her own understanding of justice, but soon develops into a hardened and assertive detective who is strong-willed enough to disagree with the Sibyl system that controls her world. Hanazawa projects this brilliantly by gradually developing her own performance as Akane, acting softly and hopeful initially, then blunter and more authoritative during the second season and movie.

Kana Hanazawa flawlessly voices Akame ga Kill’s unlawfully good cybernetically engineered teen, Seryu Ubiquitous. Seryu compulsively acts in a warped quest for justice, violently accusing and punishing those she sees as criminals, while failing to see any of the empire’s corrupt politicians as villainous, believing in it wholeheartedly. Hanazawa emulates this poignantly in her fluctuating tone, pitch and volume; contrasting moments that demonstrate her aggressively righteous attitude and inability to bond with others.

Hanazawa’s voice is distinct but adaptable, it's multifaceted. Her voice extends to video games, playing the role of Marie in Persona 4 Golden, World of Final Fantasy’s Enna Kros and more. Some her best work, however, is in Steins;Gate as Mayuri Shiina, Durarara as Anri Sonohara, and the subversive Princess Jellyfish.

With an extensive career such as her’s, it’s no wonder Kana Hanazawa was fan-nominated as the Best Female Seiyuu in the Newtype Anime Awards twice in a row.

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