So happy to see that the former 2NE1 members are still close!
6 Apr 2017 - 11:04 AM  UPDATED 6 Apr 2017 - 11:04 AM

As Minzy gears up for her long-awaited solo debut on April 17, she has received some love and some support from none other than her former 2NE1 group mate, Park Bom!

To promote her upcoming album, Minzy posted up two new teaser images on her Instagram, along with the caption "Minzy Work 01 Uno Concept Photo."

Among the many messages of support posted on Minzy's photos, one of them was from Park Bom, who wrote the lighthearted comment “Oh yeah, Minzy, what an amazing body. I’m going to slowly start getting into better shape too.”


Can't wait for Minzy's solo debut, and we're just so happy that Minzy and Park Bom are still close after all this time!


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