How am I going to survive without my weekly dose of cutesy MinBong romance and creepy crime thriller?
10 Apr 2017 - 2:53 PM  UPDATED 10 Apr 2017 - 2:53 PM

**Spoilers Alert**

After taking over our lives in February, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is unfortunately coming closer to its end. With its cray-cray mix of romance, comedy and crime thriller, there’s never been a dull moment in the series. It feels like just yesterday I was watching Do Bong Soon destroy a gang of thugs in some construction yard. Oh the memories.  

We’d all love at least a couple more weeks of Ahn Min Hyuk staring lovingly at Do Bong Soon while she goes from beating gangsters to acting super cute and shy, but all good things must come to an end. So here’s five reasons why we’ll miss Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

1. The serial kidnapping plot

When the first episode ended with the murder of a young lady, I was surprised and somewhat shocked. Who would have thought from the pink posters used to promote the show - and all the cutesy teasers - that there would be a creepy villain who abducts skinny young women to replicate the storyline of a play that he really likes? Who would have guessed? Massive kudos to the writers for catching us all by surprise with this creepy masked villain, and kudos to the director for playing with our minds just like the creepy villain plays with the police. You got us good.

I’m still not okay after episode 14 and desperately need to see him get his ass whooped by Bong Soon.

2. Do Bong Soon being a hero

How could anyone not immediately fall in love with Do Bong Soon? Super strength, cutesy sass and a heart of gold. There are so many golden moments in the series where Bong Soon’s bad ass behaviour is on full display; need I mention the whole hospital ward full of gangsters she’s beaten up, or the high school gang that she sort of accidentally adopted? While she was amazing as an undeveloped hero (watching her accidentally break things was hilarious), her superhero-esque training with Ahn Min Hyuk made her even more deadly. We were even treated to a typical superhero training montage, and lots of tension between the leads during workouts! Be still my beating heart.

3. Chemistry between the main leads

Bless Ahn Min Hyuk and Do Bong Soon for igniting a fire in my heart with their passion and love. These two lovebirds have so much chemistry that every time they’re onscreen together (which is a lot) there are always fireworks and my heart malfunctions from cuteness overload. They’ve perfected the art of the loving gaze, absolutely nailed cute romantic gestures and had plenty of conflict about wanting to protect each other to give me white hairs. While I'm slightly mad they took 10 episodes to get together (because honestly how can they not see how perfect they are for each other???). 

4. Ahn Min Hyuk

When I started this series, I didn’t anticipate how deeply I’d fall for Park Hyung Sik (rookie mistake, I know). Everything about him just seems so beautiful; his cute little nose, his slightly elfish ear, that special little smile he has when he’s thinking about our girl Bong Soon. He's delightfully weird and a bit over-the-top at times, but that only serves to make his character even more endearing. How could we ever possibly forget that scene where he has a mini freak-out on his bed over how cute Bong Soon is, or that scene where he gets drunk with Gook Du and they fall asleep on the pool table in each other’s arms?

I know I should be slightly more salty about how perfect he always looks, but all I can do is watch in awe and thank my lucky stars that my eyes could be blessed with his beauty.

5. The crazy imaginations

One of the most hilarious aspects of this drama is the ridiculously exaggerated and wacky scenarios some of the characters think of. Most of the content comes direct from Bong Soon’s brain, which is a gold mine of hilarious situations that she either wishes would come true, or would do anything to prevent from ever even being possible. I don’t think anyone could ever forget that scene where Min Hyuk comes in and straight up grabs Gook Du’s juicy butt.

The little Romeo and Juliet mini-series that Bong Soon has running in her dreams is another treasure trove of laughs.

Don’t forget to catch the series finale this weekend!

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