"We wanted to go with a more diverse cast to show that we have an accurate representation of our society today"
11 Apr 2017 - 11:28 AM  UPDATED 11 Apr 2017 - 11:32 AM

B.A.P's MV for their latest single "Wake Me Up" is one of their most eye-catching efforts yet, but it has also drawn attention for having one of the most diverse casts ever seen in a K-pop video.

Speaking to Billboard about their current "Party Baby" world tour, the topic of their "Wake Me Up" MV came up and discussions soon turned to how the video showcased diversity in a new light for a K-pop video.

The group revealed that in-depth discussions are held whenever they are preparing to shoot an MV, and meetings are held with producers in order to help convey all the ideas B.A.P intend to show in their video. For "Wake Me Up," the initial plan was to use an all-Korean cast but the group wanted to go with a more diverse cast in order to accurately represent the present-day society.

DaehyunEvery time we shoot a music video we have meetings with the producers who help us create them and we put together all of our ideas. Everything from the individual shots of the video to the casting of everyone who will appear. We just come together and put together our ideas, and then we put it all into a final product. But the most important thing is that our ideas have changed, and that helped shape how we felt towards this music video and how we wanted it directed. Initially the plan was to use a Korean cast but after the members got together and we put together our thoughts, we wanted to go with a more diverse cast to show that we have an accurate representation of our society today. Not just of in Korea or America, but all over the world. We wanted to express that through our music video, which is why we decided to go with such a diverse cast.

Delving in a bit deeper, Himchan stated that B.A.P never wanted to use an all-Korean cast simply because they were Korean, and that the group wanted to pay tribute to all their fans around the world who have supported them. When asked about the MV's storyline, which some have interpreted as a message about self-care and mental health, Himchan stated that while B.A.P did insert multiple meanings into the video, the group just wanted fans to interpret the MV in however way they see fit.

HimchanIt was never really something for us that we wanted to do, just stick to a Korean cast because we are Korean. We wanted to represent every part of the world and pay homage to the fans who’ve come out to support us. When we were putting together the music video, we didn’t think that extensively into it, but we did intend to insert multiple meanings into certain aspects of it. We just wanted it to be interpreted by the fans.

Be sure to check out B.A.P's awesome "Wake Me Up" MV right here if you haven't done so yet.


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