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What K-pop comeback do you want to relive all over again? Andy wants to relive BIGBANG's "M" era!
12 Apr 2017 - 11:50 AM  UPDATED 12 Apr 2017 - 11:50 AM

There's nothing quite like the excitement of a K-pop group making their long-awaited comeback, and for some fans, these comebacks may only a lightning-in-a-bottle moment that is experienced only once.

In an interesting new thread over on Reddit, K-pop fans got into a fascinating discussion what comebacks they would experience over and over again if they got the chance. With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some of the K-pop comebacks that fans would want to relive over and over again:

  • I wish I could relive SHINee's Odd era.
    It was the first group comeback I got to experience from them (became a fan in 2014) and so many things about it were just perfect. The teasers, the concept, the hype since it had been so long. I remember being worried that after all this buildup I wouldn't like it, but View is still one of my favorite songs and the album is gold.
    Unfortunately all the comeback stuff happened the same week as my high school graduation. There were a lot of events and celebrations but I was constantly checking my phone for updates. I didn't know how to balance things. I got up to stream their concert at 4am on my last day.
    I don't regret a thing, but I wish I could experience it at a more convenient time. Now that era is tied to very fond memories for me though!

  • I would have loved to be around for SHINee during Lucifer era. My first comeback as a Shawol was Dream Girl, and that still remains my favourite era by them, after ODD. 2013 was a magical year for SHINee.
    For B1A4, I wish I had been a BANA since debut (OK).

  • EXO's Call Me Baby! Those Pathcode teasers were so intense. I mean they had nothing to do with CMB but it was still really fun trying to figure them out, and the actual comeback itself was still really good. Call Me Baby is a jam.

  • More of a comeback I didn't experience because I wasn't a fan yet. I would've loved to have been around for when VIXX dropped Error. It was an amazing comeback and the teasers looked so cool. Must've been so exciting being part of that.

  • 2NE1 Crush. It was what brought me back into the K-Pop fandom, full force for the first time, after listening to it fairly casually since 2011. It was such a killer album, after what seemed like a lengthy hiatus.
    I loved the album, I loved the comeback, I loved all the girls. I appreciated it 100%. But perhaps, if I had known it was going to be their last, if I had known that 2NE1 was going to crash a burn like a Fire, I would have cherished it a bit more, which is hard to say, cause I already had done so. Sad to say, but the long hiatus, and Minzy leaving, the empty promises, it all made me feel numb to the idea that 2NE1 was disbanding. I wasn't nearly as emotional as I would have been if it had happened back in 2014.
    I got onto a tangent. Regardless, looking back, Crush was the best way to make it their swan song/album with all 4 girls. I would do anything to be able to experience it again, to forget that my first GG is gone (which meant it was my very first K-Pop song), my first bias group has left me. I want to experience that comeback, not because it was fantastic and the best release for them for me, but because I want that blissful ignorance and childlike hope for more.

  • I.O.I's last comeback. The perfect all kill, the love they received, the notoriety they gained, it was all incredible and I wish I could experience that again. All of the wins they got and to boot the ep wasn't bad at all.

  • F(x) Four Walls. I cherish every f(x) comeback I can get, but that song was a whole new world for me. That album takes me to another planet where I feel feels that I didn't think kpop could make me feel. A close runner up was Red Light but with all the Sulli stuff it shortened and dampened the magnanimous of it all. :( I can still remember my jaw dropping when I first watched the music video.

  • IGAB Jan-Feb 2013 was glorious

  • I would be living for Big Bang's Alive era. It's my all-time favourite comeback. So many gems beyond Fantastic Baby on that album.

  • I got into kpop thanks to my sister showing me the BTS Wings comeback.
    I was so reluctant to like BTS and kpop at that time. Even when I started to become an ARMY properly, I could tell that the Wings comeback was huge and meant a lot to fans, I just wish I was there to properly appreciate and support them and look forward to the stages.


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