Who is your favourite EXO member? We can't decide, we love them all....
18 Apr 2017 - 12:00 PM  UPDATED 18 Apr 2017 - 12:01 PM

Japanese fans absolutely love EXO (as do everyone else), and now the biggest Japanese EXO fansite, EXOJAPAN, have cast their votes on who is their favourite group member!

Nearly 12,000 votes were cast in EXOJAPAN's latest member popularity poll, which interestingly included former member Tao.

Here are the final results of EXOJAPAN's member poll:

1. Chanyeol
2. Baekhyun
3. Kyungsoo
4. Xiumin
5. Lay & Sehun (Tied)
7. Kai
8. Chen
9. Suho
10. Tao

Who is your favourite EXO member?


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