She also knows how to speak Korean and Chinese!
20 Apr 2017 - 12:03 PM  UPDATED 20 Apr 2017 - 12:08 PM

Welcome to DatJoeDoe Show's Joe's Blog!! This week he's teaching us about BLACKPINK's Jisoo and sharing your K-Pop opinions...

If you’ve ever seen BLACKPINK on a variety show, you’ll immediately notice Jisoo’s 4D charm. 

Let’s learn more about the BLACKPINK member!

1. She starred in a commercial with Lee Minho for  Samsonite Red before her debut (talk about a good start)!

2. Jisoo likes to give people nicknames, for example she gave fellow member Lisa the nickname Lalisa. 

3. She is the oldest member of BLACKPINK and is the mood maker of the group.

4. She knows how to play the guitar and drums.

5. Jisoo appeared in Epik High’s "Spoiler + Happen Ending" and HISUYUN’s "I’m Different" music videos.

6. She knows how to speak Korean and Chinese. When it comes to English she’s not that confident speaking it, but can understand it.

7. She loves Pikachu, collecting heaps of Pikachu merchandise.

8. She was once caught playing with a bottle on her shoulder at an award ceremony (4D at it’s finest)!


Every week on my Facebook page KPOPJOE I asked k-pop fans their opinions on certain matters. This week I asked: 

“Which girl group do you like, and why?”

Here are the top comments:

“BLACKPINK, because they are the only group offering something different from the other ones. And each member has uniqueness and tons of talent." - Joaquin Tercero 

"Depending on what you consider "new" my Top 3 are:

BLACKPINK - for their style and musicality 

DREAMCATCHER - They are breaking the mould with their grunge, horror J-Rock "esque" style 

PRISTIN - they take after Seventeen with taking a major role in producing 

I will also mention GUGUDAN as their last comeback was everything I could have wanted and more” - Amber Lohman 

"BLACKPINK! I guess it's just a personal taste here, but their fashion and overall aesthetics are LIT (reminds me of 2ne1 *cries*). And their songs are just crazy catchy, yas.” - Crystal Bai
Who is your favourite new girl group?

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