We can't really 'imagine' what's going to be in the MV...
Michelle Chen

20 Apr 2017 - 11:27 AM  UPDATED 20 Apr 2017 - 11:27 AM

Luhan drops his new mini album “Imagination”

How many of you have watched Luhan’s first Drama Fighter of the Destiny on Monday night? 

Luhan has also been busy with his music. He released a teaser from his new mini album “Imagination” on April 19. There are two singles on the album, called “On call” and “Say it.”  “Imagination” follows on from “Xperience,” “Xplore,” and “Venture.

In the teaser video, the new concept of “I” is conveyed in mysterious visual elements and codes. "Stay tuned" with Luhan, a music world full of bold imagination is around the corner!

The emerging star of China’s hip-hop scene: Vinida

On April 18, 22-year-old rapper Vinida finally dropped her first album, and the first wave hit "Queendom." In December last year, Vinida released her debut single "Dirty Mind," there are some smart and edgy lyrics she wrote by herself.

Vinida made her debut on Sing! China, a popular variety show and became a hip-hop music star. 

She has adapted songs like Jay Chou’s Cowboy on the Run and Give me a kiss, and has been noticed by the largest indie record label in China; Mondernsky

She has performed at live-music venues with other hip-hop artists, which is where she met her boyfriend, 3S, who is a music producer.

Watch her version of Jay Chou’s Cowboy on the Run:

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Luhan is about to make his TV Drama debut
We'll be glued to the TV on Monday!
Luhan drops some smooth moves in new 'Roleplay' dance MV
That's some fancy footwork there, Luhan!
Luhan shows off some moves in new 'Roleplay' MV
We could watch Luhan dance all day, any day!