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Which ridiculously good-looking idol got you hooked on K-pop?
20 Apr 2017 - 12:07 PM  UPDATED 20 Apr 2017 - 12:08 PM

From the fashion to the intricate dance choreography, K-pop has a number of elements that draw in fans' eyes. But arguably the biggest drawcard in a K-pop group is the visual member as not only are they (arguably) the best looking person in the group, they also have the responsibility of drawing in new fans.

In a fascinating new Reddit thread, K-pop fans started discussing which K-pop visual member got them interested in a group or K-pop in general. With looks being subjective from person to person, and Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly very interesting.

Here are some of the visual members that drew fans into checking out a new K-pop group:

  • I remember when a friend first showed me f(x), Sulli, Krystal and Amber all basically triple-teamed me with their visuals in this way and I had to know more about them. That you could have basically the prettiest, softest-looking person alive, a striking, model-esque ice queen with a killer stare, and an androgynous tomboy who presents herself like no one else in the industry all in the same group with those visuals was pretty surprising to me at the time and a big turning point for me getting past the misconception that all kpop idols had the same generic pretty looks. (And naturally after getting more into the group I came to highly appreciate Vic and Luna's own unique visuals)
    Then, of course, their bomb ass music sealed the deal shortly after.

  • Blonde Lay in CMB. That is all.

  • I watched Twice cover "Me Gustas Tu" saw Tzuyu and was like "WHO IS THAT", then I started stanning them and became a Sana bias.

  • Watched Pentagon's debut stage. Yeo One's face made me check out the members. Probably the only group I backtracked to solely for visuals. They have a lot.

  • Sooyoung was a massive reason why I got into SNSD. She's not the "visual", but discovering her during their last comeback (edit: I'm sorry I have to be specific: it was that friggin Nike outfit) made me want to know everything about her. Which of course meant getting into SNSD, so fast forward to now where they're my favourite group and she's my favourite person in Kpop.
    I don't know if this one counts but Irene in the first 2 seconds of their comeback stage for Dumb Dumb is why I gave the song a chance after I didn't like it at first. I wouldn't say she's the sole reason I decided to look into them more, because the entire stage blew me away, but it was a combination of her visuals and dance that made me want to watch more.

  • Jungkook (BTS) at the beginning of Dope made me swoon so hard. It was my first time hearing/seeing BTS and I wasn't in love with the song at first (sampling saxophones in songs got old to me because a lot of American songs featured that), but then I remember how attractive he looked. Kind of freaked out by how young he was and then proceeded to fall into the BTS rabbit hole. I still think his hairstyle from that video/era is his best look.

  • Definitely. Started listening to GOT7 because of Jackson's visuals and Minhyuk's beauty straight up enchanted me and now I'm really getting into Monsta X.

Which crazy good-looking idol got you hooked on K-pop? 


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