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Last night was AMAZING! Who else was at GOT7's Sydney fan-meet?
21 Apr 2017 - 1:28 PM  UPDATED 21 Apr 2017 - 1:29 PM

GOT7 may have made waves across various countries in the last few years, but they've never visited Down Under until last night when they held their Sydney fan-meet at Big Top, the first stop of their Australian tour. Needless to say, anticipation for the boys' first ever Australian fan-meet tour has been extremely high in the months prior arrival, but here's the key question - how was GOT7's first Australian fan meet?

In a word - AWESOME!

After about 30 minutes of GOT7's greatest hits blaring out over the speakers and getting the crowd all pumped up (it was SUPER loud), the lights dimmed, the curtain dropped (literally), and GOT7 were right there and ready to go.

While Youngjae was sorely missed last night (#GetBetterSoonYoungjae!), he did surprise everyone with a video message for the fans, and the rest of the boys gave it their all to make up for his absence, managing to drown out the fan screams with their stunning vocals during their two-song intro.  

After a quick little intro from all the GOT7 members, the night's MC - our very own Andy Trieu - kept things chugging along at a very nice pace. After a quick bout of fan questions and requests, which involved some memorable things like Jinyoung performing an aegyo version of "Never Ever," BamBam singing BIGBANG's "Loser," and Yugyeom having to kiss JB twice (lucky guy!), the boys settled down onto some important business - games and shenanigans!

After some banter between Andy and the boys, and every member writing down punishments for the losers (our favourite "punishment" was touching JB's butt!), GOT7 split into 2 teams and were tasked with playing (and beating) each other in a numbered ball toss game. Between Jackson's athletic ability at doing anything and Mark's inability to land a ball into the designated holes, it was a hilarious segment that ultimately ended in moles being drawn on JBMark, and BamBam's faces - which looked great on them!.

Intermixed between the games were some lovely interactions between all the members and fans, particularly from Jackson, Mark, and BamBam, all of whom were game and ready to have a good time.

But of course, the highlight of the night has to be when GOT7 stepped out on stage and performed a string of their hits. From "Skyway" and "Fly" to "Hard Carry" and "Never Ever," the boys managed to make everyone's sides hurt with laughter in one minute while somehow wowing everyone with their stage presence in the next minute.

If the memorable night at Sydney was any indication, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth have much to look forward to when GOT7 come to visit.


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