Get well soon, Hosoya!
24 Apr 2017 - 3:11 PM  UPDATED 24 Apr 2017 - 3:11 PM

According to his official website, Yoshimasa Hosoya will take a break from voice acting. The hiatus follows a doctor’s diagnosis that he undergo treatment for his throat.

“We plan to return within the year,” said a spokesperson for Hosoya on his website.

Hosoya is most well-known for voicing Sosuke from Free! and the Kazakhstani figure skater, Otabek from Yuri on Ice. He is involved in both Attack on Titan (as Reiner) and My Hero Academia (Tokoyami) this season. Hosoya will star in a Free! compilation film featuring Rin and his character, Sosuke, releasing on July 1.

It’s unclear whether unannounced projects or later episodes of currently airing two-cour series like My Hero Academia S2 will be disrupted by this announcement.

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