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Eat Your Kimchi explore the worst snack food incident since the chocolate bar epidemic of 2002.
26 Apr 2017 - 12:12 PM  UPDATED 26 Apr 2017 - 12:13 PM

Japan may be well known for its fantastic cuisine, but its foray into snack foods - specifically potato chips - is also among its biggest drawcards. But as the Eat Your Kimchi duo found out this week, things are a going to be a bit tough for chip-lovers in Japan thanks to something people have called "The Japanese Potato Chip Crisis of 2017."

After a number of news stories have popped up around in recent weeks about a "potato chip shortage" in Japan and how chip prices have skyrocketed to USD$12 a bag, Martina (and sadly not Simon this week since he is sick) decided to take a look into things an explain what's actually going on in Japan.

Chips in Japan are made from potatoes from Hokkaido, but due to a record-number of typhoons this year, the current crop of potatoes this year have been poor. While Japanese producers have been apologetic about this crisis and are doing all they can to help address this potato shortage - such as asking all potato producers to harvest their crops earlier than usual - there is a possibility that potatoes will have to be imported in from the U.S.

As for how this has affected chip lovers, Martina confirms that there is indeed a potato chip shortage across supermarkets everywhere, with empty gaps replacing what used to be shelves of chips. However, Martina can also debunk reports that chips were going for ridiculous prices, saying that stories of USD$12 bags of chips have been exaggerated and simply won't happen in Japan.

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