Post-show feels. We miss them already!
1 May 2017 - 1:24 PM  UPDATED 1 May 2017 - 1:25 PM

How amazing were the boys!? To relieve our post-show blues, let's relive some of the most memorable moments from GOT7's Australian fan meets. Please come back soon GOT7!

1. Yugyeom kissing JB cutely on both cheeks. [Sydney]

Mark and Jackson, being the experts, even gave him advice on how to do it.

2. Jackson giving a shout-out to his older brother and his family who were in the audience! [Sydney]

It's great that he finally got to meet his adorable niece while in Australia.  

3. The boys trying to hit each other with rubber hammers while blindfolded. [Brisbane]

Lots of flailing arms and innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire.

4. Yugyeom hitting Jackson on the butt as part of a punishment. [Brisbane]

Poor Jackson!

5. Random Dance Play with different speeds. [Melbourne]

It was absolutely hilarious when the music sped up and slowed down. Crazier than 'Weekly Idol'!

6. GOT7 singing Never Ever in acapella. Our ears were blessed. [Melbourne]

7. Blindfolded cheek game where the members had to guess the objects placed between their faces. [Melbourne]

Near-kisses and intimate moments galore. A GOT7 shipper's dream.

8. The members doing sexy dances, making it difficult for anyone to stay calm. [Perth]

Let's just say the temperature in the room instantly went up a few degrees.

9. JB lying down on the floor, just casually, while singing up-close to the fans. [Perth]

He was so close that a fan was even able to stroke his hair! Fans also got great close-ups of his choker and coloured lenses. It was the first time for him to wear both these things, in what he called "Bam Bam style".

10. Anytime the boys spoke in English. [All]

11. The moment we realised they were really here. [All]

In the flesh. In the same room as us. Breathing the same Aussie air. We are Never Ever going to be the same again. 

Can we please go back and freeze time to relive all these glorious moments?

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