So happy to see that the 2NE1 members are still so close after breaking up!
27 Apr 2017 - 2:06 PM  UPDATED 27 Apr 2017 - 2:06 PM

2NE1 may sadly be no more, but the love between all four members remain stronger than ever.

To celebrate the enduring friendship of CLPark BomSandara Park, and Minzy, we've decided to take a look at some of the cutest interactions between the quartet following 2NE1's disbandment.

From showing support to goofy shenanigans over food, get ready to have your heart melted over these post-2NE1 interactions.

5. CL gives Park Bom some love on her birthday

Park Bom may have received many messages of love in celebration of her 33rd (34 in Korea) birthday, but perhaps the most special one has come from none other than her former 2NE1 group member CL!

4. Park Bom and Dara goof around over some McDonalds

Nothing like combining love between members with some McDonalds!

Park Bom posted up a photo of some corn pies from McDonalds, which are her favourite snacks, along with the caption “Darongie~ bought this for me~~ TT.” But the sweetest part of the photo is the handwritten message on the McDonalds bag from Dara, who wrote “Bom~ Enjoy the food!!! From Darongie.” along with a doodle of herself with her iconic ponytail.

It didn't take long for Dara to reply though as she tweeted to Park Bom's post, writing “Oh! Looks like you’ve already eaten one? KK I’ll buy you more next time! Let’s eat it together~”.


3. CL and Park Bom show some love for Dara (and her new movie)

Dara recently made her Korean film debut as a leading actress in the film "One Step," and showing up at the premiere were none other than CL and Park Bom!

Park Bom tweeted out three goofy photos of her and Dara messing around with some filters, one of which had the funny caption "It would have been good if CL was here too though."

While CL might not have been a fan of the goofy filters, she did post up her own cute photo of Dara and herself at the screening.

In response, Dara re-posted CL's photo on her own Instagram account, along with the simple caption "I love you."

2. Park Bom sends her support to Minzy

When Minzy was gearing up for her long-awaited solo debut, Park Bom decided to do a super-sweet thing by commenting on one of Minzy's eye-catching teaser images, writing "Oh yeah, Minzy, what an amazing body. I’m going to slowly start getting into better shape too.”!

Having said that though, this wasn't the first time that Park Bom showed some love for Minzy's solo debut...

1. Everyone shows some love for Minzy's solo debut

Minzy received a lot of support upon her solo debut, but everything took a turn for the super-cute and heartwarming when all of her former 2NE1 group members showered her with love upon her album's release.

Park Bom kicked things off by posting up an old 2NE1 photo while also writing how "proud" she is of their maknae.

CL was next to show some love by posting up a teaser image of Minzy, along with the supportive caption "+Congratz @_minzy_mz on your EP proud of you chasing your dreams :)+".

And finally, Dara posted up her own message of support, writing the caption “A signed CD of our Minzy! Thank you~ We [the members of 2NE1] will always support you! NINANO~” along with a photo of her with the aforementioned signed album.


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